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Ronny has hundreds of guitars, but here are the ones that he uses the most:

Floyd Rose strat " Olive "

Floyd Rose strat " Olive " , stone tone trem block, GuitarHeads pickups, kill switch... The guitar features an olive green flame top... Ronny's main MP guitar... Strung with Cleartone strings ( 9-46 ).

Floyd Rose OT-3

Basswood body with a Flamed Maple top, Floyd trem modified with a Stone Tone trem block, Seymour Duncan pickups (59 in the neck and a Custom Custom in the Bridge with a Vintage stack in the middle, D-Tuna. Strung with Cleartone strings ( 10-46) Tuned down to D..

Ed Roman Custom RN Quicksilver:

Built by Mike Risinger at Ed Roman Guitars. Ash body, maple neck with 24 jumbo frets on a ebony fret board, Floyd, Custom Seymour Duncans, strung with Cleartone strings 9-46. This guitar was actually shot for an episode of Ed's upcoming TV reality show where they filmed the entire process of Ed making Ronny's guitar. Ed even put a cool metal N on the guitar. The guitar was the prototype that was going to become the Ed Roman RN signature guitar. Unfortunately Ed passed away in December 2011 before they could finish the project. The guitar is actually Ronny's main standard tuned stage guitar.

Greg Back Guitars Ronny North Prototype:

Tuned to D and strung with Cleartone 10-52 strings, features light weight 50 year old Korina small single cut body with a green arched Flamed maple top, 24 3/4 scale, Maple neck (wide but thin in depth) with 20 degree radius fretboard with 22 Jumbo frets, Seymour Duncan pickups (Alt-8 in the bridge and 59" in the neck), original Floyd Rose Trem with Floyd Upgrades Brass block and Ti inserts and parts, D tuna, single volume, kill switch that only kills neck pick up, Gibson style 3 way pick up selector and Feiten Tuning system

J Taylor Guitars Custom RN V:

Built by Ronny's high school friend John Taylor. Light Mahogany body, 20 radius rosewood fretboard with 22 jumbo frets, original Floyd Rose trem with Floyd Upgrades Brass block, D-Tuna, Duncan pickups (Alt-8 and 59"). Tuned standard with Cleartone strings 9-46.
Ronny's main standard tuned live guitar.

Boulder Creek Solitaire Acoustic/Electric

with Floyd Upgrades Ti Bridge pins
Ronny's main live acoustic.

Traveler Guitar EG-1 Guitar

Ronny uses this guitar to keep up his chops when traveling. The guitar actually sounds great through Ronny's stage rig. Strung with Cleartone Strings 9-46.

Ronny North 2008 Signature Production Guitar

Designed entirely by Ronny and based on the RN prototype. Small mahogany body with a green sunburst flamed maple top. Seymour Duncan pickups (Alt-8 and 59"). Original Floyd Rose trem, with a Floyd Upgrades big brass trem block, tuned standard with Cleartone strings (9-46). Currently used as the main backup guitar for the J Taylor V.

Ibanez Iceman

This guitar was Ronny's first good guitar. He got it when he was 15 years old and is the original owner. Ronny got the guitar because he was and still is a huge KISS fan.The guitar was originally black but after years of playing back yard parties and all the clubs on the Sunset strip the paint job was completely trashed and chipping off.The guitar sat in it's case for a decade before one of Ronny's friends offered to strip the paint off the guitar so Ronny could have the guitar re-finished. Ronny liked the way it looked and re-assembled the guitar and left it that way for a decade. Somewhere along the line Ronny took a blow torch to it (It looked cool..) The guitar stayed that way for several years until Ronny's good friend Bob White from Tiburon Guitars offered to paint the guitar green for Ronny. Bob completely refinished the guitar and even added an inlayed N and put Ronny's name on the headstock..... The guitar is now better than it ever was.. Bob also went through the frets and completely re-worked the guitar...Ronny has modified the guitar with Graphtech saddles and Seymour Duncan pickups ( A Screaming Demon in the bridge and possibly a 59 in the neck..) . Ronny now loves the guitar again and is even awaiting the delivery of a new Floyd Rose top mount trem system to install on the guitar (The new Floyd system doesn't require any routing to the guitar..) ..Ever since getting the guitar back from Bob Ronny has used the guitar on stage and even used it a bit on his latest Inertia CD... the guitar definitely sounds better than it ever has...

1985 Torched Kramer Barretta

Ronny got this guitar in the early 90's. The guitar originally had a stock pearl white finish, but Ronny thought it was too pretty and blow-torched it the day he got it after getting a blow torch at Home Depot. Ronny played the guitar for over a decade that was before he decided to give it a cool RN style EVH paint job. The guitar sports an original Duncan Custom in the bridge position and a Pearly gates in the neck. It also has an original old style Floyd from the 80's equipped with a Stone Tone trem block and a D-Tuna. The guitar also has a very cool custom Tone Guard volume knob. Recently brought back into action for stage use. Strung with Cleartone strings: 9-46. Tuned standard.

Peerless Retromatic

Modded with Seymour Duncan pickups (A Custom Custom in the bridge and a Phat Cat in the neck) and a Stetsbar trem....

StoneTone modded Floyd Rose V

This Floyd Rose V was modded by the guys at Stonetone with a cool green Stone top and stone channel system... the mods greatly improved the tone of the guitar and made it look way cooler.. Floyd Rose trem and active pickups... Toneguard custom volume knob... tuned down to D with Cleartone 10-46 strings...

Hohner Strat - "Pinkie"

This guitar was given to Ronny by the peeps at Hohner Guitars several years ago when Ronny was chatting with them about possibly doing a signature guitar. The company gave Ronny several guitars to play while they were figuring it out including this one....Ronny used it a bit on stage then and at that year's NAMM for several of his NAMM Demos... Ronny immediately changed out the pickups to Duncan's then and recently put in some new Duncan's when he pulled out the guitar recently to use it on a project...Ronny liked it so much that he started using it on stage again this year... the guitar also recently got a new Floyd Rose trem with a D-Tuna that really improved the tone of the guitar.. Tuned down to D and strung with Cleartone strings 9-46....

Floyd Rose Richie Sambora Model

Floyd Rose Richie Sambora model ... a recent acquisition from the guys ... duncan pickups ( custom custom and Alinco 2) frets tweaked and cutaway enlarged by Greg Back of Greg Back guitars... stone Tone trem block...definitely a fun guitar to play... plus gotta love the 80's cheesiness....


Ronny's A rig used for big shows

FXC Wireless switcher (Switches patches and amp switching and can be up to 300 feet away from the rig since it's wireless ) , Morley Tremonti Wah, Digitech Whammy Pedal, Whirlwind Orange box phaser , Boss OC-3, Boss Chorus,Morley Tuner, cables Whirlwind, Pedalboard Pedal Pad

Laney 4x12 Cabs

loaded with Celestion G-65 speakers; cabs are set on Auralex Great Gramma Acoustic stands for both live and recording

Pedalboard for Rack

TC Controller and Tremonti Wah

Pedalboard for Rig B

Laney Channel switcher , Morley Tremonti Wah, Digitech Whammy , Boss OC-2, Boss Chorus, Digitech Digidelay, Whirlwind Orange box phaser, Digitech tuner, all powered by a Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Deluxe power supply.. for some shows with huge stages an X2 wireless is used...signals on the board are split with a Pedal Snake custom audio snake that splits the signals so some stuff goes through the front of the amp while others go through the effects loop...All cables Whirlwind. Ronny uses custom 50 foot stage cable

Pedalboard for Rig C

BSH Custom RN Pedalboard loaded with a Morley Tremonti Wah, Whirlwind Orange Box Phaser AMT Extreme III Distortion, Digitech Delay, Morley Tuner; used for smaller shows (plugged into a Laney TT-100 Tube combo), clinics and fly in shows when Ronny can't use his normal rig

Viper RN prototype

Lightweight alder body with a thick flamed maple cap , compound radius maple neck with 22 jumbo frets , Feiten tuning system , Graphtech Ratio tuners, Floyd Rose trem with Stone Tone trem block , Seymour Duncan pickups ( Alt-8 and 59") , stutter button, push pull single volume knob that splits both pickups to single coil mode , special angled input jack , Gibson type 3 way pickup selector switch , strung with Cleartone strings ( 10-46) tuned down to D ....

Guitar Picks

Here are a few RN picks from over the years....

2013 RN V-Pick 2.0mm (Ronny's main picks these days)

2013 RN Winter NAMM V-Pick 2.0mm. These were made by V-Picks for Ronny for Winter NAMM. Ronny gave these out at his NAMM performances.

RN Pick World pick (1.0 mm) graphics by Ronny's little brother Steven. This pick is from the late 90's. Made of tortex. Also very rare

RN Pick world pick (121mm) Ronny's first signature pick. graphics by Ronny's little brother Steven (yes that's Ronny playing on it.) Very rare and collectable.

RN Wedgie pick (1.0mm) This is a very rare RN pick. Ronny's sponsor Wedgie was kind enough to make Ronny a batch of these picks for a NAMM show several years ago. they are made out of a weird plastic and have a cool indentation on the front for better grip (it works.) There was only one batch of these made ever. Ronny used them at the show and gave away a bunch to fans there as well. Very few are left. a very collectable RN pick for sure.

In Tune RN Pick (121mm) from a few years ago...tortoise front

InTune RN Pick ( 121mm) ( the back) tortoise

In Tune Glow in the dark RN Pick 2.0mm.... from a few years ago

In Tune glow in the dark RN pick 2.0mm back

Pickworld RN Inertia 2013 pick (2.0mm) Ronny's good friend Mojo at Pickworld made these pick for Ronny after they ran into each other at 2013 Winter NAMM. they were made for Ronny's upcoming 2013 Inertia tour. These will be rare because there's something missing on them. a lot of collectors are already on us for these. only one batch was made.

Back of RN 2013 Pickworld Inertia pick.

V-Pick RN Germany pick. Made for Ronny's 2012 Germany shows.( 2.0mm)

V-Pick RN Japan pick (2.0mm) Made for Ronny's 2010 Japan tour.

V-Pick Get your Shred on pick (2.0mm) Made to promote Ronny's "Get your Shred on with Ronny North" radio show

V-Pick 2012 RN Pick (2.0mm). Ronny's current favorite model of V-Pick. after going through all of the V-Picks Ronny finally settled on this model and it has become Ronny's favorite.

Pickworld RN Missing Persons 121mm Dale on front Ronny's name on back ( glows in dark)

Here's the latest 6-2016

Pickworld 121mm RN Missing Persons pick ... ( glows in the dark) Dale on front Ronny's name on back

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