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Southern California guitar hero Ronny North is a solo recording artist that plays his own signature brand of instrumental rock guitar music.  He has played all over the world and has played on several high profile projects with multiplatinum recording artists and has even managed to appear on a few TV shows. Ronny’s new solo CD tentatively titled S.L.F. (Substantially Less Fun) is scheduled for release in the winter of 2016. He also plays many high profile events such as NASCAR and he really believes in helping charity with his music. Some of the causes he performs for are the Special Olympics (He just performed at their World Games and has played their Summer Games event for the 15th consecutive year ) ,  the Standdown event for the U.S. Vets and Troops and for the local School Districts to support their music programs . On top of all this, he also writes the “Planet Guitar” column for the Live to Play Music Website. He has judged many guitar competitions including the Steve Vai guitar competition and of course the music equipment manufactures have taken notice.  Ronny is a popular product clinician and is regularly featured in ad campaigns for his many sponsors.  Ronny is tomorrow’s guitar hero today….
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