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Music Connection, April 2015

from the Floyd Rose website, January 2014


Floyd Rose Original


Ronny North plays his own signature brand of instrumental guitar rock and is fast becoming a So Cal guitar hero. He won the Best Male Guitarist Award at the 2006 All Access Magazine Music Awards. He was also honored with his own Ronny North Day at his old high school Norwalk High in Norwalk, California on April 7th, 2009, an event which Fox 11 TV News covered and featured Ronny and the kids live on TV. He was honored by his sponsor Morley Pedals to be the "Morley Pedals Artist of the Month for April 2009". He has appeared in and/or has been featured in numerous national and international music publications and periodicals such as Guitar Player Magazine, Rock N Roll Industries Magazine (in which he has a featured interview in the Jan 2012 issue), MMR Magazine, Performer Magazine, Player Magazine (Japan), Music Connection Magazine, Flash Magazine (Italy), Modern Guitar Magazine, Muen Magazine, Young Guitar (Japan), Premier Guitar Magazine, Guitar World Magazine, All Access Magazine, Verde Valley Independent, and Fireworks Magazine from Europe and also on the Fireworks compilation CD that comes with the magazine. Guitar Player Magazine's head editor Michael Molenda has even said some very complimentary things about Ronny's playing in the magazine.

Ronny has been a fixture at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) shows for over a decade. Ronny headlined the NAMM Kickoff event in 2011 at the Anaheim Convention Center and is performing on the main stage twice at the 2013 Winter NAMM show. Ronny plays all over the world and did a great tour of Japan in 2010 and then played the Head Banger's Open Air Festival in Germany in the summer of 2012. There are already plans to return to Germany in early 2013. Some of the events he regularly plays throughout the U.S. include several NASCAR Race events (The NASCAR fans love him!), The Long Beach Grand Prix, The LA Marathon, LA County Fair and the San Diego Fair just to name a few. It's no mystery that he is regularly featured in ad campaigns and catalogs for his many sponsors and also consults with them on new equipment designs.

His music sells and gets air play all over the world and his new single "Inertia" was world premiered on KNAC radio with Ronny live at the radio station's studios in November 2012. The full length CD of the same name will be released in January 2013. Ronny's music has been used by several TV shows and small movies and was licensed by MTV to use on their reality shows including "The Real World". He's also a very popular radio guest and has appeared on radio shows all around the globe. Ronny is a firm believer in using his music to help others and regularly plays charity events such as the Special Olympics Summer Games (for which he just performed for the 12th consecutive year), Toys for Tots, Support The USO, Covenant House, Project Aides Los Angeles, Musicians in Need, Save Lives Animals in Need, Veterans in Need, the Norwalk Unified School District (to benefit both their music and sports programs), the Cancer Society, Tsunami Relief and the Haiti Quake victims among others. Ronny recorded two brand new songs in late 2012 to contribute to the Eonian Records Hurricane Sandy benefit CD. All proceeds will go to benefit the victims of the hurricane. He is also a very popular clinician and regularly does clinics and performs at trade shows throughout America for his sponsors. He even squeezes in a few recording sessions when time permits and has played on several high profile artist's platinum projects.

With all of this exposure, Ronny has been a popular guest on radio shows all over the world .He has also shot appearances for TV on Tru TV's reality show "All Worked Up", The Ed Roman Guitar King reality show in Vegas, Flash Rock Live, The Brenda Carey Show (for which he also wrote the show's theme song). Ronny has become a popular celebrity judge for many guitar competitions including Guitar Center's King of the Blues and Sam Ash's Steve Vai's Best in Shred Competitions and was a featured speaker at the 2011 Sponsor Success Summit Event. On that note, he has written several music columns in various music publications through out the years, and currently he writes a music column called Planet Guitar for the Live to Play website. Definitely check out Ronny and see what all the excitement is about. He's tomorrow's guitar hero today...

Cleartone Strings Web Ad 2014

Morley flyer for Guitar Center Event Nov 2013

Vintage Guitar Magazine October 2013 issue

Premier Guitar Magazine October 2013 issue

Xombiewoof Magazine

From The Streets of LA Rises a New North Star

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Interview with Guitarist and Instrumental Musician Ronny North

Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

I first saw Ronny a year ago. His name was not unknown to me, but I had no history of him nor was I familiar with his sound. Then, at NAMM 2013 in Anaheim, I saw North perform to a crowded house. From the moment the amp started to hum to the last ear splitting tone of the green machine he is known for, it was an experience. The audience was wild with delight. I was blown away.

Ronny North first became interested in music at age 13, when, a young and athletic skateboard enthusiast, he went to a KISS concert and instantly found his calling. Within days, Ronny got his first guitar. Within a year, he was playing on stage, performing in the same clubs as his inspirations. Primarily an instrumental artist, Ronny North has worked with numerous musicians and graced many stages across the entire USA with his genius performances. His hypnotic and melodic style, widely popularized by artists such as Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen, has a unique flavor all of its own. That performance I saw at NAMM was not his first time there: he is a standard that convention attendees and public fans come to see there every year, since he started attending the event in 1989. With packed shows at NAMM and in the local clubs, Ronny North has a loyal following, which makes him a huge success and, consequently, a very busy person.

When I picked up the phone to call Ronny North for this interview, I was not sure how well it would go: in my experience, interviewing LA Rock Musicians can be a bit overwhelming and normally tends to turn into a "ME"-fest. Not this time, however: from the first moment on, I was in for a surprise, for Ronny North is not the norm, in any sense of the word. When connected, I found myself talking not to a "Los Angeles dipped in glamour icon," but to a warm and personable human being. With fame in abundance, he does not allow it to affect his priorities, the most important of them always being music. For the first time for me, the phone interview took a turn I did not expect: at some point, I was no longer asking him questions, but found myself answering his - about my likes, dislikes and, most of all, my opinions on music. It was like talking to an old friend, except we have just met.

During our talk, Ronny shared his experience of being an LA musician. Living in Lost Angeles is not without its troubles for musicians. With LA's "Pay to Play" mentality even the most talented have problems booking paying gigs. But for Ronny, it's not about the money. It's all about the show, the energy, the love of his music. "The scene is hard and low, bands need to really work it hard, clubs are closing and tickets are getting too high. It's the nature of the beast", he says. In this environment, Ronny North follows his calling, playing gig after gig, making sure nobody misses the chance to hear him.

Ronny North's live band consists of key members Johnny Zell on Bass and Dave Goode on Drums. For the production of his recent release, his newest album Inertia, the Drum tracks were played by Charles Wiley. Ronny also played Bass on some of the songs alongside Johnny for an added depth. The CD was engineered by Ronny North in his own studio (NBN Studios) and mixed/mastered by Jim DeCicco at Pyram Axis Studios in Redondo Beach, California. Ronny especially mentioned credits to the cover art, created by his longtime friend, artist Todd Thompson. He adds, "It is my favorite CD cover because of all the detail and hidden images in the cover and pull out sleeve."

Originally a digital only release concept, the album Inertia did so well, the physical CD was added to the offerings and will be released very shortly.

During our interview conversation, here are some of the questions that Ronny answered:

Q: Your look, like your music, is original and very unique. How does your stage persona differ from your daily life personality, or are they one and the same?

Ronny: (light hearted chuckle) Welcome to LA, man! I am my persona, you need that in LA, you have to be yourself and feel free to express it. I dye my hair and paint my nails, I live the life, but it's all real and it's all me.

Q: What were some of your influences, and do you feel you have any special familiarity with the artists you appreciate?

Ronny: There are many artists who I would say are an inspiration, and I look to being an inspiration to others. I feel blessed to have worked with so many great people. An example: I went to dinner at the Rainbow with some executives in the music industry, and after a moment I looked up - and Rikki Rockett was standing at the end of my table. In an environment that is so tightly wound you treasure those that support you and you recognize each and every one for who they are and what they mean to you. In the real world there is a bond between LA musicians that are a great support.

At this point I mention to him the quote made by vocalist and musician Neil Turbin of the band Deathriders, to get his unprepared reaction.

"Ronny North is a Shredding Green Machine"

"Ronny North is the hardest working shredder in guitar business. His dynamic guitar playing is incredibly melodic and super tasty yet masterful without overplaying. Considering he plays instrumental guitar music, this is quite an accomplishment. He is constantly on the go and sometimes performs many numerous gigs and venues in a single day, weekend or for weeks straight, zipping all across the map. Ronny is always Rockin' his green North guitar somewhere".

"Ronny is a one hell of a kickass guitarist and fun to watch."

Ronny: WOW! Neil said that, he's one that I look up to! He has been a great friend and support to me over the years.

Q: I won't compare you with other artists, but your instrumental style is Vibrant and Harmonic, when many other artists are going for Dark and Foreboding. Was this by choice or chance?

Ronny: I have been really lucky when writing. I take from experience and let the music flow naturally and see what happens. I have to say that it's not all me - I have so many people to thank for my success - and it is all teamwork. I want to thank my assistant Karen for keeping it all organized (I definitely couldn't do it without her for sure) and all my fans and sponsors for all their support. I definitely need to thank Neil for his comment, man that's really cool of him.

Q: Your album Inertia - will this release be supported by a tour? If so, who will be involved?

Ronny: Yes, a supporting tour will be coming, but I don't have the details ready for the public. I am also working on some additional projects. I am doing music and the score for a cartoon TV show called Rod Kingz, - well, doing the music and possibly a voice over for a character. There is also going to be a Video Game for a major release that my music will be in. I do a lot of charity work and music clinics in local schools, as well as lots of shows and some guitar clinics coming up for Peerless Guitars, as well as for a few of my other sponsors later this summer. I find my time is so tuned in, and everything is all coming together, - too busy!

Q: The song and title track from your upcoming release that you shared with me - "Inertia" - has Middle Eastern flavor synchronized with sound of rock and roll notes. You must have worked hard to get it to sound so good. Would you care to elaborate on your idea for this piece?

Ronny: Again with the details (another chuckle), oh man, I don't know, it just comes to me, I play it all and it just flows out, like the air that I breathe. It's hard work, but life hands me the notes, I just put them together.

Q: Who, out of many people you have worked with, would you like to tour with, given the chance, and where would your gig of a lifetime be?

Ronny: I want to open for KISS, which would be awesome. As far as places to play, I would like to perform at Madison Square Garden or somewhere in Japan.

Q: What's next for Ronny North, what's the next wild ride?

Ronny: Like I said, I have so much going on, I don't know... Maybe get an entourage? No, then I would have to tell others what to do. Just hang out and play, that's what I love.

At a time when artists fall prey to their egos or to music companies that make stars who rise quickly and fade just as quick, Ronny North is here for the long haul, playing his entrancing rhythms for the people. Despite his accolades and a long list of endorsers, he retains the humble nature of an Eagle Scout, taking time to work in his community, supporting charities, and staying true to himself - a hard-working artist truly worthy of his supporters.

Ronny North's album Inertia is available now as a download on I-Tunes and CD Baby, available on CD soon. For info on all things Ronny North go to www.ronnynorth.com. Also, check out his Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ronny.north and his YouTube Channel that is being developed now.

Metal Temple CD Review - July 1, 2013

Ronny North - Inertia

by Katarzyna Zakolska at 01 July 2013, 4:57 PM

Ronny North is guitar player from Downey, California, United States. He started playing the Sunset Strip at the age of 14. North plays his signature brand of instrumental guitar driven Rock music, featuring his craft worldwide in countless music magazines and is endorsed by over 50 music equipment manufactures. His new album Intertia was recently released and there you have it.

"Sea of Deception", a sea of dreams and desires, opens with an impressive rhythm section, and quality overhead atmosphere, proving to the listeners that North maintained high standards for his material. I really liked the collaboration between Charles Wiley with North's strong guitar riffing. The low tuned riffs, and melodic orientations that are so catchy, resemble the stuff of MSG or other classic Hard Rock acts. North's magical style, along with various soloing efforts, triggered my senses as if it was Axel Rudi Pell or Michael Angelo Batio. Title track "Inertia" is a different dimension of oriental riffery and drum thuds, somewhat reminding the sound of UFO with its guitaring.

Other worthy of your time: "Metal Panda" joining heavy riffing with a calmer climax and "Into the Grey" with a fine bass display by Johnny Zell. "Spaced" harboring strappy riffs, a great rhythm guitar driven rocker. There is an incredible guitar solo and melodic licks with little similarity to VAN HALEN.

Ronny North recorded a great album with a melodic sense. I'm sure that anyone who appreciates artistic guitar icons like STEVE VAI, JOE SATRIANI, KISS, MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO, EDDIE VAN HALEN, MICHAEL SCHENKER will enjoy this album. Highly recommend for fans of great guitar work!

FoxNews.com May 2, 2013

Guitar World 2013

Rock Zone interview January 2013

The North Report W/ Guitarist: Ronny North

by Jason Houston on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 9:15pm

1. Ronny when we talked last which was shortly before the Thanksgiving Holiday you were getting ready to release your new CD: Inertia. The Cd is now available on I-Tunes is that correct?

RN) My single "Inertia" was released on I-Tunes on November 1st and is available now....The Inertia CD will be released later this month. I'm world premiering a few of the songs off the new CD on Jan 20th when I go live in studio on the Uncharted show with DJ Craig Williams on KNAC radio...

2. How would you compaire your new Inertia CD to your previous CD: Light?

RN) It's a way more diverse and heavier sound... definitely the next evolution of my music.....one of the songs "Sea of Deception" even has a children's Choir on it....the only vocals on the entire CD....We recently were going over music from my early CD's at rehearsals that we haven't played forever....It was really weird to hear how much my music has changed over the years.. it was also challenging trying to remember the old songs....I had to re-learn a lot of the stuff since I haven't played it in ages....

3. I'm sure that most of 2013 will be spent performing live to promote the new CD. Any idea how many songs from the new CD will be added into your live show? Any upcomming live shows?

RN) Yes, it's already looking to be a very busy year...We have actually been playing most the new songs off the Inertia CD in the live set for several months now....the new songs have been going over great with our fans....Shredfest on February 8th at Brick by Brick in San Diego is going to be fun.....

4. Anyone who has ever seen you perform live Ronny knows that one of your biggest influences was Randy Rhoads. Could you please share with our readers the story of how you first became a Randy Rhoads fan and what was it specifically about Randy's playing that made you take notice of him?

RN) I was a huge Randy Rhoads fan..I even got some cappezio shoes like his when I was a kid....lol....I actually met Randy when I was 14 years old....it was before he was in Ozzy..I met him at a Quiet Riot show at the Starwood...He was the first rockstar I ever met...He had a style all his own and he played so loud which I thought was great....plus he looked like a rockstar even before he was famous....before he got in Ozzy he was already a big star on the Sunset Strip when he was in Quiet Riot.. QR fans used to come to their shows dressed up like him in polka dots....

5. While on the topic of Randy Rhoads I have to ask you if you ever had the opportunity of hearing any of the music Randy made while he was in Quiet Riot?

RN) Yes, saw him live in QR......He was killing it...... he definitely was the guy on the strip...he ruled the school....there were also a lot of Randy Clones.....The funny thing is I actually saw all the clones before I actually met Randy....

6. Ronny I just saw on your FACEBOOK page that you're endorseing some kind of Nut Sauce....Could you please share with our readers what this is and why you decided to endorse this project?

RN) I'm a long time endorser of Big Bends Nut Sauce.. I just recently did some clinics for them at Sam Ash Music....it's a lubricant for your guitar.The stuff really works... keeps the guitar in tune for sure!!! also works for everything else too.....a great product for sure.....I had a blast doing the clinic....we will be doing a few more in 2013......

7. Will you be attending the Namm Convention this year?

RN) Yes, on Jan 23rd I'm performing at the Rockin Rags Magazine Pre NAMM event at the Commonwealth Lounge in Fullerton. admission is free and it's open to the public .We play at 8:30pm.I then play later that night at the Neil Turbin Pre NAMM Jam at the Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood. Michael Angelo is headlining the show. I will be jamming with Michael later in the night... should be a blast...I then play everyday of NAMM for my sponsors and we're playing several NAMM events at night including performing on the main NAMM stage with my band in the Hilton on Jan 25th and 26th.....I will be adding more stuff as the show get closer....

8. Ronny it's now 2013 so on that note I'd like to first ask you when you look back on 2012 what will you remember the most?

RN) It was exausting.. looking forward to doing it bigger in 2013... playing with Michael Schenker in 2012 was a blast....

9. How did you ring in the new year?

RN) I had a nice dinner at the Rainbow and then attended a friends New Years party in the hollywood hills.... it was just a few close friends....a great way to bring in the new year....

10. Ronny what do you think of the fact that Rush, Heart, Deep Purple, and Joan Jett were all nominated to be inducted into the 2013 Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame but yet only Rush and Heart made it in this year?

RN) I really think that all the bands so deserve to be inducted and that Rush and Heart really do deserve to be in....I also think that the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame really have no clue what they are doing... there are so many great bands that have definitely made their mark on the industry that are not in there... KISS for one (with the original line up .. not KISS light that is going now..) ..why Deep Purple wasn't inducted ages ago is beyond me.....who is on the board???? Do they even know anything about music???? From the recent years I'm thinking probably not???? Don't even get me going.....

11. Being the huge Kiss fan I know you are Ronny I have to ask if you've had a chance to read peter Criss's new book? If not do you have any desire to?

RN) I actually just finished it... I really liked it a lot... He really has his own spin on things.....if you're a KISS fan you should get it.. I'm hoping he does a LA book signing soon so I can have him sign my book.....It'd be cool to meet him too.....

12. Anything else you'd like to say to all the Ronny North fans out there?

RN) I have a lot of really big stuff planned for 2013..... I also just recorded a couple new songs for the Hurricane Sandy CD that Eonian Records is doing... all the proceeds of the CD benefit the victims of the hurricane..I recorded a cover of Ace Frehley's Rocket Ride (with Neil Turbin on vocals) and a cool new song called "Tonight" with my old band Forever Young .. first new recording from the band since we ruled the Sunset strip in the 80's....Jeff Pilson helped produce the track and sang back ground vocals and it was mixed by my good friend Keri Kelly....I will also be using my passport again to play outside of the country in the very near future (Stay tuned!!) I also would like to thank all my RN fans who have hung in there and supported me all these years!!! You guys truly rock!!!


Screamer Magazine December 2012

By John Raab on Monday, November 26th, 2012

On November 11th, 2012, San Diego, California was the site and last date of the Michael Schenker (MSG) tour. Playing at the venue Brick by Brick, MSG took the stage to a very enthusiastic audience. Lead singer Dave Vanlanding, (Tony MacAlpine, Crimson Glory and Michael Schenker) said that this was the band's 31st concert in 40 nights. For most, that doesn't sound like a grueling schedule; however, the band isn't in their twenties anymore and the late nights take a toll, especially on singer Dave Vanlanding. "We are not like a thrash metal band that can do 100 shows in a 100 nights; we have needed the breaks to continue to play at a high level," said Vanlanding. "It is very important to all the members of the band that we put 110% effort in each and every show."

The rock star lifestyle for the older bands has changed into exercise and nutrition, far from the days of partying 'til 5:00 am each night. The preparation and discipline for each show is what gives exactly the type of experience all the members of the band now strive for. Vanlanding was filling in at the last-minute for Robin MacAuley, who had to pull out of the tour because of an undisclosed illness. Luckily for MSG, Vanlanding was available, having played with them many times before. Bass player and owner of Dean Guitars Elliot Rubinson also expressed the need for rest and how he has to balance his days. Rubinson is much disciplined in his routine. After sound check, Rubinson and Vanlanding grabbed some dinner and took to the tour bus for the next four hours before they were to perform to rest and get ready for the show. Michael Schenker left the venue and headed back to his hotel. "I get up at eight every morning, especially on the west coast," said Rubinson, "because of the time difference I still need to conduct Dean Guitar business and being on the road doesn't change that. Balancing my work and playing is not difficult, but very time-consuming. I play bass with Michael as a hobby, but Dean Guitars is my business and needs my attention while on the road."

Schenker likes to be an independent musician, which means that he doesn't have a set band when he plays. When setting up a tour, it is time to check and see if he's available to hit the road. Like most rock artists today, they are involved in many projects and the next time MSG tours, it is very unlikely that you will see the same five guys on stage. Listening to the fans before the show, many of them were talking about what MSG would play and listing off their favorite songs. With so many songs to choose from, it is never easy to put together a set list, but it is carefully planned and rehearsed thoroughly before each show.

When eleven pm hit, the band was ready to take the stage and give everything they have to the audience that was ready. Guitar player Ronny North was the opening act and blistered his guitar with new songs from his album, Inertia, getting the crowd ready for MSG. As always, North is very engaging with the audience and brings his unique style to the stage. MSG opened up with Love Drive to the delight of the fans, followed by Another Piece of Meat, Save Yourself and Into the Arena. When Schenker walked on stage, he stalked the crowd before giving many people in the front row high fives and then shredded his guitar with each note. The crowd gave the band a lot of energy, even for an intimate setting, and you could see with each song the band giving back their heart and soul. Mixing in some UFO tunes like Rock Bottom and Doctor Doctor just gave the evening that special feeling. From beginning to end, the band didn't let up and looked like they could have played for another two hours, but sadly the show came to an end, but with the promise that MSG would return soon.

Concerts are like a great piece of art; once you see it, you never forget it. This show was no different and lived up to expectations and then passed them. Seeing a show that is put together and executed to perfection only gives the audience the taste for more, which is what every fan wants. MSG delivered the goods and the only downfall is how they can possibly out do themselves on the next tour.

Music Connection October 2012

Metal Messiah October 2012

Screamer Magazine, September 25, 2012

By John Raab on Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

The scope of music has changed over the years and for the fans of metal and shredding guitar players, these are not the words we want to hear. However not all is lost, you just have to search a little more to find those shredders and the eighties style metal music you have grown to love even more.

Self taught guitar player Ronny North continues to hold the torch for fans, by keeping the sound and energy alive in every show and album. North played on September 15, 2012, at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA, as he opened the show on a four-act bill. The crowd was sparse, seeing as how he was on at 8:30 p.m., a little early for the West Hollywood scene, but that didn't stop North from engaging the crowd, and putting his heart and soul into the show, energizing fans with his playing while performing his blistering instrumental music.

The great thing about musicians like North is that no matter what, if the crowd is twenty thousand or twenty, they bring it each and every night. While many people think it is a glamorous life-being a rock star-consider that North and his band had to tear down their equipment and take it off the stage in the alley behind the venue, so they could load it up. North is not only a self-taught guitar player, but is a self-made musician. His albums are all produced, engineered, written, marketed and financed by himself. It is always great to be able to see a little glimpse of exactly what a great talent has to do today in order to keep the music alive.

North just returned from Germany where he made an appearance at the Headbangers Open Air Music Festival and the experience was wonderful. His journey started at the age of fourteen playing his first on-stage gig at Gazzarri's on the Sunset Strip, in Hollywood. Randy Rhodes was still in Quiet Riot, and that was the first rock star North met at the world-famous Starwood Club where Rhodes was already a local hero. He continued his relationship long after Rhodes passed away and has been working with the Rhodes family on a benefit to come December 8, 2012.

North's love of the guitar came at the age of thirteen when he received the KISS Destroyer Album for Christmas. He first heard Ace Frehley and then shortly after Van Halen. Hearing Eddie Van Halen was the clincher for North; he picked up an axe and start playing. The passion continues even today and can be heard in each note of his past albums and his live concerts. In the past, an artist had the potential to sell millions of albums, but in today's technologically advanced society, even as little as a thousand album sales can turn a profit for the self-produced artist. The band or artist no longer can make a lot of money from selling albums, so they are left to play live and grab as many fans as possible. North's next album will be an EP called Inertia. The album's lineup is "Inertia", "Metal Panda", "Spaced", "Clutter", "Into the Grey" and "Sea of Deception". He debuted the first single "Inertia", on KNAC radio on September 23, 2012 and will be joining Uli Jon Roth in January 2013.

North is one of those artists that have had to diversify and really work at the business end of things to make it work. The road to fame and fortune is no longer paved in gold. When you sign with a label, it is now full of potholes and obstacles that each artist must maneuver through. That is also the great part for the fans, because when you discover an artist like North, you know that you have found not only a professional in music, but someone who actually cares about the music and their fans, giving them every ounce of blood and sweat into each musical note. You can check out everything going on in the North universe by going to his website and also connecting with him on Facebook. Just because the face of music has changed that doesn’t mean that the music and guitar players we have grown to love can no longer be found. It will take some searching, and given you can start with guitar player Ronny North; there are no more excuses.





Front of the House Website, September 2012

Harman and JBL Support Artists for Autism Benefit Concert

TARZANA, CA - Harman recently supported the Artists for Autism benefit providing a VRX PA system for the day-long event. Held at live music venue Petie's Place, the Artists for Autism event featured performances by Resurrect the Machine, Ronny North, the Back Beat Brawlers and Jeff Iftekaruddin. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Autism Speaks foundation.

More details from Harman (www.harman.com):

The main PA system at the Artists for Autism benefit included four JBL VRX932LAP powered Constant Curvature loudspeakers and two VRX918SP powered subwoofers. Three PRX615 stage monitors and two EON10G2 portable PA loudspeakers rounded out the system. A variety of AKG microphones were used, along with a BSS Direct Box and a Soundcraft Si Compact 32 console at the front-of-house position.

Becki Barabas, Marketing Coordinator for JBL Professional, hosted the Artists for Autism event. "With the mistreatment of autistic children being such a widespread problem, I knew I had to do something," she said. "Autistic children can't always communicate to their parents what happens to them at school. I couldn't think of a better way to help fight this problem than by gathering some excellent musicians and local artists together for a benefit."

"We not only raised money but also raised awareness, which is equally important," Barabas continued. "Music, art and helping kids-what could be better?"

For more information on Autism Speaks, please visit www.autismspeaks.org.

Mondo DR Website, September 2012

JBL Professional Supports Artists for Autism Benefit Concert

September 13, 2012

Harman's JBL Professional recently supported the Artists for Autism benefit in Tarzana, California, providing a VRX PA system for the day-long event.

Held at live music venue Petie's Place, the Artists for Autism event featured performances by Resurrect the Machine, Ronny North, the Back Beat Brawlers and Jeff Iftekaruddin. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Autism Speaks foundation.

The main PA system at the Artists for Autism benefit included four JBL VRX932LAP powered Constant Curvature loudspeakers and two VRX918SP powered subwoofers. Three PRX615 stage monitors and two EON10G2 portable PA loudspeakers rounded out the system. A variety of AKG microphones were used, along with a BSS Direct Box and a Soundcraft Si Compact 32 console at the front-of-house position.

Becki Barabas, Marketing Coordinator for JBL Professional, hosted the Artists for Autism event. "With the mistreatment of autistic children being such a widespread problem, I knew I had to do something," she said.

"Autistic children can't always communicate to their parents what happens to them at school. I couldn't think of a better way to help fight this problem than by gathering some excellent musicians and local artists together for a benefit. We not only raised money but also raised awareness, which is equally important."

Sound & Video Contractor Website, September 2012

HARMAN's JBL Professional Supports Artists for Autism Benefit Concert

September 12, 2012

(Left to Right) Ronny North; Becki Barabas of JBL Professional; Andre Makina of Resurrect the Machine; and Kurt Barabas of Resurrect the Machine.

NORTHRIDGE, California - HARMAN's JBL Professional recently supported the Artists for Autism benefit in Tarzana, California, providing a VRX PA system for the day-long event. Held at live music venue Petie's Place, the Artists for Autism event featured performances by Resurrect the Machine, Ronny North, the Back Beat Brawlers and Jeff Iftekaruddin. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Autism Speaks foundation.

The main PA system at the Artists for Autism benefit included four JBL VRX932LAP powered Constant Curvature loudspeakers and two VRX918SP powered subwoofers. Three PRX615 stage monitors and two EON10G2 portable PA loudspeakers rounded out the system. A variety of AKG microphones were used, along with a BSS Direct Box and a Soundcraft Si Compact 32 console at the front-of-house position.

Becki Barabas, Marketing Coordinator for JBL Professional, hosted the Artists for Autism event. "With the mistreatment of autistic children being such a widespread problem, I knew I had to do something," she said. "Autistic children can't always communicate to their parents what happens to them at school. I couldn't think of a better way to help fight this problem than by gathering some excellent musicians and local artists together for a benefit."

"We not only raised money but also raised awareness, which is equally important," Barabas continued. "Music, art and helping kids-what could be better?"

For more information on Autism Speaks, please visit www.autismspeaks.org.

HARMAN (www.harman.com) designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of audio and infotainment solutions for the automotive, consumer and professional markets - supported by 15 leading brands, including AKG(R), Harman Kardon(R), Infinity(R), JBL(R), Lexicon(R) and Mark Levinson(R). The Company is admired by audiophiles across multiple generations and supports leading professional entertainers and the venues where they perform. More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment systems. HARMAN has a workforce of about 13,400 people across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and reported sales of $4.4 billion for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012.

JBL Website September 2012

HARMAN's JBL Professional Supports Artists for Autism Benefit Concert

Ronny North performs at the Artists for Autism benefit concert in Tarzana, California.

(Left to Right) Ronny North; Becki Barabas of JBL Professional; Andre Makina of Resurrect the Machine; and Kurt Barabas of Resurrect the Machine.

NORTHRIDGE, California - HARMAN's JBL Professional recently supported the Artists for Autism benefit in Tarzana, California, providing a VRX PA system for the day-long event. Held at live music venue Petie's Place, the Artists for Autism event featured performances by Resurrect the Machine, Ronny North, the Back Beat Brawlers and Jeff Iftekaruddin. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Autism Speaks foundation.

The main PA system at the Artists for Autism benefit included four JBL VRX932LAP powered Constant Curvature loudspeakers and two VRX918SP powered subwoofers. Three PRX615 stage monitors and two EON10G2 portable PA loudspeakers rounded out the system. A variety of AKG microphones were used, along with a BSS Direct Box and a Soundcraft Si Compact 32 console at the front-of-house position.

Becki Barabas, Marketing Coordinator for JBL Professional, hosted the Artists for Autism event. "With the mistreatment of autistic children being such a widespread problem, I knew I had to do something," she said. "Autistic children can't always communicate to their parents what happens to them at school. I couldn't think of a better way to help fight this problem than by gathering some excellent musicians and local artists together for a benefit."

"We not only raised money but also raised awareness, which is equally important," Barabas continued. "Music, art and helping kids-what could be better?"

For more information on Autism Speaks, please visit www.autismspeaks.org.

HARMAN (www.harman.com) designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of audio and infotainment solutions for the automotive, consumer and professional markets - supported by 15 leading brands, including AKG(R), Harman Kardon(R), Infinity(R), JBL(R), Lexicon(R) and Mark Levinson(R). The Company is admired by audiophiles across multiple generations and supports leading professional entertainers and the venues where they perform. More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment systems. HARMAN has a workforce of about 13,400 people across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and reported sales of $4.4 billion for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012.

JBL Press Release September 10, 2012

Music Connection July 2012

Metalliville Website Review of Light CD - June 2012

Ronny North - Light
(S/R - 2010)
Orange County Boy Ronny North unleashes this fascinating instrumental epic onto us with his green guitar that he loves so much.
I've known this cat a bit and he's always friendly and full of life which is very much like his incredible virtuosity on the six stringer. He's like a cross between Joe Satriani and Steve Vai thrown into one and then some...
Highlights on here include the brightly brilliant 'Minute Of U'; title track 'Light'; 'A Call To Arms'; 'A Day In The Moment' and closer 'Permission To Land'. Take note of this guy because his tunes are such a positive revelation in guitar playing.
By Glenn Milligan

Review of Ronny's April 28th Brixton Show from www.metalliville.com

Ronny North - The Brixton, Redondo Beach, Saturday, 28th April, 2012

Well after a great day being driven around the beach areas by my buddy Kathy it was a splendid idea to finish off the night with a good ole rock 'n' roll gig - it was a Saturday night after all. Yet another new venue for me on my travels - the Brixton is kinda like a giant Viper room with a stage that is about the same size as well - quite a squeeze for a band to say the least. So let's see some green guitar maestroness start up the proceedings.

Thus was a three piece who were up 1st in the form of our local Orange County buddy, Ronny North and his accompanying bassist and drummer for the event. Oh before I go any further I must say that the headliner was gonna be ex-Poison star, Ritchie Kotzen, but had to pull out due to injury - oh well we got some spacey guitar playing in the form of this Red haired Wizard.

Ronny entertained the folks with a good 30+ mins of material that reminded me of a cross between Joe Satriani, Dweezil Zappa and Steve Vai - controlled but at the same time zany, off the wall while being melodic and agressive in a neat little package of 6 string impressario. He also told us he was gonna be playing Germany and that we rocked several times during the set many of which came from his Light album that he signed copies of in his meet and greet after being on stage.

This was full-on guitarists, guitar music without a vocal in sight. The man posed throughout his playing and didn't keep still for very long at all. Ronny Rocks but could really do with a singer in my humble opinion to give his material way more depth and broader appeal.


By Glenn Milligan

Music Connection, April 24, 2012

Randy Rhoads Memorial, March 19, 2012 from www.InLandSoCal.com

Jeff Hanson, of the Woodcrest area of Riverside, Ronny North, of Downey, and Raymond Perez, of Grand Terrace, stand in front of the tomb for guitarist Randy Rhoads at Mountain View Cemetery in San Bernardino on March 19, 2012. Rhoads, who played with Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot, died in a plane crash in March 1982.
Photo by: Vanessa Franko

By: Vanessa Franko



Published: 19 March 2012 07:11 PM

Every year, crowds of heavy metal fans make their way to San Bernardino to pay tribute to one of the most celebrated guitarists.

There, at the Mt. View Mortuary and Cemetery across from St. Bernardine Medical Center, lies the remains of Randy Rhoads, the phenom guitarist who started out with Quiet Riot before joining Ozzy Osbourne.

Monday's annual remembrance was a little more special - it marked 30 years since Rhoads died in a plane crash in Florida, and attracted hundreds.

"There was so many people," said guitarist Ronny North, who played with Randy Rhoads' brother Kelle Rhoads. "Everyone's here to honor Randy."

He said Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, Zakk Wylde, of Black Label Society and who also played guitar for Osbourne and Frankie Banali, drummer for Quiet Riot were among the attendees.

Jeff Hanson, a resident of the Woodcrest area of Riverside, has been coming to the gravesite for more than 25 years. Every year, he shows videos of Rhoads playing guitar and puts up posters on the crypt wall.

After Rhoads' death, Hanson said he approached the family about playing videos of Rhoads at the end of 1985.

Now, Hanson also puts up posters of Rhoads, showing the guitarist in Quiet Riot and performing with Osbourne, on the outside of the crypt.

He's seen people travel from around the world, as far as Japan and New Zealand, to come to the annual celebration of life for Rhoads.

A cross of flowers, placed inside the crypt had a sign that read "In loving memory Randy Rhoads Club Japan."

"The people from Japan are real fanatical about it," Hanson said.

Follow Vanessa Franko on Twitter: @vanessafranko.

CIA Artists Website 2012

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine January 2012

Hollywood Rock-n-Roll Website February 2012

by Julia Ann Thurman

Interview with Ronny North

Award winning, very popular guitarist and featured solo artist Ronny North, good friends with Randy Roads and his family, plays the 6 string guitar and has played with many major recording artists. He prefers to use his music ‘to do good’ and has played for many charities and is the leader of countless guitar clinics. He played Nascar in February of 2010, has his own line of gear/merchandise and has been sought after for help in the development of new musical products. He has many endorsers and is Featured in major media i.e. t.v., radio, internet and print. To say the least he gets lots of exposure all over the world. So how am I possibly going to top any endorsements or exposure he has priory had? So I just have a few questions,

You’ve been playing since you were 14 what would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

RN) I’m still trying to get there... I have had a few highlights along my journey, Winning rock guitarist of the year in 2007 at the All Access Magazine Music Awards was one, as was being featured in Guitar Player Magazine and the many other publications I’ve been very fortunate to be featured in. Getting a Citation from the City of Los Angeles and from the Veterans in 2011 were also definite highlights as is playing the Special Olympics Summer Games every year. Touring Japan was also pretty cool......I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff........I'm very fortunate to be able to play guitar for a living.......

Having played with numerous to recording artists, which artist would you say inspired you the most?

RN) Every artist is very unique and I have learned from working with them all… it's always great working with other artists and see how they do things... I have definitely learned a lot from the sessions I have played on I have used my experiences to help my own career... after all they are famous for a reason so why not learn from them???

Every artist has his or her own favorite place to play, where's your favorite place to play?

RN) Wow, that's tough... big events are always a blast... I really enjoyed playing Japan in 2010. I also have a blast every time I play at NASCAR…those crowds are nuts...lol... They really dig guitar music... I also enjoy performing at clinics and trade shows such as NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants). This year at 2012 Winter NAMM I played daily for my sponsors Jet City Amplification, Essential Sound Products, M.I.A. Products and I did signing events at the Dean Markley booth that went off.....It's always great meeting the fans and always fun getting pictures with them...... The internet has really opened things up.....I was waiting on the train platform in Tokyo, Japan for the Bullet Train when a Japanese girl came up to me and asked me in broken english if I was Ronny North and that she was my Facebook friend.....How cool is that???? Of course we got a picture together and I gave her a CD........

You're a very busy artist, with many hot irons in the fire, but what are you working on now?

RN) Yes, I definitely spread myself a little thin sometimes...lol... right now I am working on several things as usual... I just finished doing winter NAMM in January for my sponsors,lately I have been doing a lot of press which is always fun and I have been going through all the offers I have received from NAMM.I'm also gearing up for some upcoming live shows and clinics both in the U.S. and over seas and I'm in the middle of finishing up my new CD...

After all that you’ve done, what's in your future?

RN) I have some big plans and I plan to have longevity in the biz......These days artists really have to diversify... In March I'm playing The 2012 LA Marathon and I might be doing NACAR again ....my new CD will be out soon and there are some big shows on the horizon both in America and over seas...This year is looking to be a very busy one for me....

You've worked on a lot of material, what is your favorite album/song, that you've done or that someone else may have done?

RN) I have recorded on a lot of big artist's stuff and I have done a few cool things on some of the tracks I've played on... I'm actually going to be doing some stuff for someone big in the next couple weeks... always fun playing guitar on the big projects... The funny thing is I'm never intimidated by the actual artist but by looking at all the platinum albums on the studio walls... as for my songs it changes all the time lately my current favorites to play live are my songs "Tomorrow is Burning", "Light" and "Race with Me"... Once I put the CD out I really don't like to listen to my stuff... there's been times when my stuff has come on the radio while I'm in the car and I change it as soon as I can reach the radio... I really do like playing live and get that immediate crowd response... that's the hardest thing to recreate that excitement in the studio when you're making a new CD is that excitement that a live crowd gives you when you perform.

Other then the guitar what other instruments can you play? and do you have any favorites?

RN) I started on piano and I can get around on one (I have one in my living room as well as a ton of keyboards in my recording studio), I also play a bit of bass... I have quite a few guitars actually and a lot of cool basses... recently I've been messing around on my fretless bass... when I make demos of my new songs I record all the parts myself with keys, drum machine, bass parts and all the guitars... my guys learn the songs from my demos and put their stamp on the songs when we record their parts but I write all the parts around my guitar obviously... sometimes we keep all my parts except the drums... I also produce, engineer and record all my stuff myself in my won recording studio... I do send it out to get it mixed by my good friend Jim Decicco at Pryam Axis Studios. He has mixed all my instrumental CD's. We have a great working relationship and he knows how I want it to sound. He mixes the songs and then I come in after he's did his thing and we tweak things.

You've had your music featured on MTV's Real World. Has your music been featured on any other show?

RN) Yeah, they've used my stuff on a few of the MTV things and a bunch of smaller stuff and even some independent movies.

You have your own signature nail color. What is that color?

RN) I actually do. It's from ManGlaze and it's called Ronny North Psyko Green. It really is great stuff. I actually have a few other signature products in development at this time with a few of my other sponsors.

So what's up with having your own day at Norwalk High School?

RN) I know how did that happen????? As I told them when they approached me about it I wasn't exactly the perfect student...lol... for me school was like a prison... I knew I had to do my time and then I would be free, how I graduated I have no idea but I did. I definitely wasn't popular especially since I had longer hair and when I was in school that couldn't have been less cool. They told me I'm the 3rd most famous graduate from Norwalk High School. First is Julie from the Love Boat, second is Tiffany the pop star and then me... you really couldn't make that up... That all being said I was extremely honored and my day was great. Channel 11 Fox TV news even came down and covered it live on the air. (You can see the footage on my website.) The kids really dug it and it was great spending the day with them, speaking in the career center and performing at the school. Since then I've been the principal for the day (They wouldn't let me give the kids have the day off... damn!!!) and I have been a judge for their senior projects for the last 3 years. How did I become respectable????? Definitely losing my street cred... lol...

You've written a column for Intense Guitar Magazine. Do you still write the column?

RN) I do still write the column. It's called Planet Guitar. I really enjoy writing the columns and I'm always up to help up and coming players. On that note I recently got my own radio show on www.wpmd.org internet radio called "Get your Shred On with Ronny North". It's on the last Tuesday of every month and it’s dedicated to guitar instrumental music. We're only a few shows in and the response has been overwhelming. The next show is on Feb 28th will feature all female shredders and I have some famous players calling in live to the show that day. I feel very fortunate to get these opportunities.

How amazing was it to play for the American Troops?

RN) It really is amazing. Just like when I play the Special Olympics every year I probably get more out of it than they do. I have played the Special Olympics Summer Games for the last 11 consecutive years and I've been playing for the Vets and the troops for several years. I really enjoy meeting everyone and hanging out and hearing all their stories. They both are a blast and I even got to go on an operational battleship. It was awesome!!!!! They wouldn't let me shoot anything though... damn!!!!

Thank you for featuring me on your website. I really appreciate your support. I'd like to thank a few people before I go. First off I'd like to thank my fans from all over the world. You guys are the reason I can do what I do. I'd also like to thank all my sponsors for believing in me as a player and for all their support. I really could not do it without them. My assistant Karen is definitely a life saver, my road manager Chuck Davis and of course my band: Charles Wiley on drums and Bryan Talbot on bass. Right now we have my good friend Johnny Zell filling in on bass while Bryan deals with some family stuff. All my guys are great players and normal people. That really is the trick: you always find one or the other but I definitely lucked out. If you can't hang with your guys especially when traveling, what's the use? If anyone wants to purchase my music, you can get my latest CD Light at Best Buy stores and off www.bestbuy.com as well as at CD Baby, I-Tunes and many other online music distributors. For info on everything Ronny North including my music, various Facebook pages and all my other online stuff, merchandise and upcoming events, you can go to my website www.ronnynorth.com.

from Blabbermouth.net - November 23, 2011

Celebrate Life Of RANDY RHOADS At California Event - Nov. 23, 2011

In honor of the late Randy Rhoads, famed lead guitarist of OZZY OSBOURNE and QUIET RIOT, his sister Kathryn Rhoads D'Argenzioand the Rhoads family invite music/wine fans to D'Argenzio Winery(1204 W. Burbank Blvd.) in Burbank, California on December 3. This special gathering, dubbed "A Celebration Of Randy Rhoads", will be a great opportunity for fans and friends to spend time with the Rhoadsfamily and honor Randy. The event will kick off at 3:00 p.m. and will be MC'd by Mr. '80s, Julian Douglas. There will be a special performance byRandy's brother Kelle Rhoads, backed by Ronny North, and some "coolRandy Rhoads stuff" will be on display as well.

"A Celebration Of Randy Rhoads" will include appearances by "special guests" and will conclude with a question-and-answer session with theRhoads family. Admission is free and the event is open to all ages.

Kelle and Ronny North will appear live on the air in the studio at KNAC.com radio with KNAC DJ Craig Williams on November 27 at 6:00 p.m. PST. They will chat about the "A Celebration Of Randy Rhoads"event.

For more information, visit www.dargenziowine.com.

Kathryn Rhoads D'Argenzio is co-owner of D'Argenzio Winery.

The Rhoads and D'Argenzio families have created a unique and memorable way to honor Randy's legacy, music, and life.

The Rhoads special edition 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon was released to the public on August 15, 2010. A release event was held that evening in Burbank, California at the D'Argenzio Winery's tasting room.

This wine is bottled and produced from the world-class wine region Sonoma County in Northern California.

This is a limited-edition wine, available only at the Santa Rosa and Burbank tasting rooms and also through the web site, www.dargenziowine.com.

The Rhoads and D'Argenzio families have created this wine with the same dedication, passion and pride that Randy gave to his music.

from Melodicrock.com - October 13, 2011

Southern California instrumental rock guitar hero Ronny North has been really busy lately. On top of scoring the movie soundtrack for the upcoming film "The Chauffeur", he has been busy playing a few cool charity events such as the 2011 Standdown event for the Vets on Sept 15th. It was his fourth consecutive year playing the event. On October 15th he will be headlining the USO's Wheels and Warriors Car show that benefits the troops. He will also be performing on the Rock Revolution Tour when it hits Southern California on October 25th and 27th. He will also be playing at the Special Olympics Winter Games on November 12th. Ronny is a big supporter of the Special Olympics and has played their Summer Games event for the last 11 consecutive years.

To get more info on everything Ronny North, go to www.ronnynorth.com.

Citation from Homeless Veterans Stand Down September 2011

Citation from the City of Los Angeles for playing the El Sereno Food Truck Charity Event on August 20, 2011

Death Valley Star July 2010

JP Guitar Tool Ad January 2010

Tregan Summer 2009 Catalogue

From MelodicRock.com, Wednesday, January 6th, 2009:


Eonian Records has also signed Southern California Guitar Hero Ronny North. Ronny endorses his own signature line through Tregan Guitars and was named Best Male Guitarist Award at the 2006 All Access Magazine Music Awards. Ronny North's Then & Now release will feature several never released tracks from his earlier days on the Sunset Strip: Kidd Comet and Forever Young, and a few big name guest players such as Rikki Rocket, Eric Singer, and CC Deville to name a few.

Guitar Player Presents How to Play Like Stevie Ray Vaughan 2008

Modern Guitars Magazine August 19, 2008

Modern Guitars Launches New Column by Ronny North

by Rick Landers.

Ronny North. Photo by Karen Barrezueta.

Modern Guitars magazine is pleased to announce the arrival of Los Angeles area guitarist, Ronny North, to the pages of our magazine. Ronny's PSYKO Guitar column will focus on his insights about guitars, performance, and the business challenges of building a career in music.

I first saw Ronny a couple of years ago in Anaheim, California, while he was the featured player at a guitar demo during 2006 Winter NAMM. His enthusiasm was infectious and his love of the guitar obvious. His talent has earned him accolades from guitar aficianados, including Guitar Player magazine's Michael Molenda who noted, "Ronny can lay down a dumb rock rhythm and shred like a mother."

While at 2008 Summer NAMM, Nashville, Tennessee, I bumped into North while we were watching a young boy pummel a drum kit with an equal amount of awkwardness and enthusiasm. We tallked about pulling together a Modern Guitars column when our schedules loosened up after NAMM.

North regularly teaches guitar clinics around the country for such firms as the Guitar Center; Tregan Guitars; Buzz Feiten; Laney amps, as well as demos at both Winter and Summer NAMM trade shows. He also couples his love of guitar with a high sense of altruism and can can often be seen performing for childrens' charities and at military bases where he wows the men and women of the Armed Forces with his guitar licks.

To kick off Ronny's PSYKO Guitar column, we decided to introduce him in some depth with the following interview.

* * *

Ronny North. Photo by Karen Barrezueta.

Rick Landers: Let's start out by hearing about the good, the bad and the ugly of how you began your musical journey.

Ronny North: I was raised in Southern California in the OC [Orange County]. I took piano lessons at the Yamaha Music School when I was in first grade. I really wasn’t feeling it and eventually got kicked out! [Laughs]

I really do wish I would have stuck with it. I still play piano and own a few keyboards that I use when I record. Like everyone, I was into sports when I was a kid. My dad got us into baseball and football and it was fun. But, then I started skateboarding and surfing.

At first I wanted to be a pro skater like Tony Alva. My parents were always very supportive of everything. My dad used to take us everywhere, including trips to the skate park, the driving range and to concerts.

Both my parents play instruments, so it was only a matter of time before I started playing. My dad tried to get me and my brother to play guitar early on by getting us lessons with a guy across the street. But the guy didn't know what he was doing and we really weren't into it.

When I was 13 I got a KISS record for Christmas. From then on, I knew what I wanted to do. That spring dad took us to our first concert. It was KISS on the 1977 Love Gun tour at the L.A. Forum. This was at the peak of their fame. After that, Ace Frehley became my first guitar hero.

I got my first real guitar for my 14th birthday. It was a cool black copy of a Les Paul. Wish I still had it. I traded it later for a Pignose battery powered amp that I still own. After I started playing a bit, I got into Eddie Van Halen, Michael Schenker, Joe Perry, Randy Rhoads, George Lynch and Warren DeMartini. Eddie is still my main guy.

I quickly got pretty good and soon after I got an Ibanez Iceman and a Risson half stack. I was set! Me and my brother used to jam in the garage. He got a cool set of Slingerland drums. We went through various people, or victims, to jam with. We played tons of backyard parties and local clubs in the OC and had a blast. We'd open for Slayer, Great White and others at some of the local clubs.

My dad always made it to our gigs. Yeah, my dad was very cool. I eventually started jamming with some older people. By the time I was 15 I started playing the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. That's when I noticed that I was better than most people I played with, even though they were much older than me.

Once I started playing in Hollywood, I started getting more attention and had a couple high profile offers and some record company interest, none of which turned into anything significant.

When I really started playing in bands on the Strip it was the early '80s and there were tons of great bands going. We were playing alongside Guns 'n Roses, RATT, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot and Sound Barrier. Sound Barrier had Spacey T, a great guitarist who had amazing chops. They were an all black metal band that had the attitude of early Van Halen. I would see them play anytime I could. Seeing Spacey play was like seeing Eddie. But Spacey definitely had his own style and sound.

There was also Steeler with Yngwie playing guitar. I even saw Randy Rhoads play at the Starwood. It was a great time for music in L.A. As expected, there were some not so honest business people around and we got ripped off a few times, like most bands back then. I definitely learned a lot about the business, in all ways.

Rick: Your music was selected to be used with MTV's "Real World' series.

Ronny: I was approached by MTV's production company about using my music for their reality shows. I guess I was lucky. It really has given me a lot more exposure. The funny thing is that I have had lots of people come up to me that have heard my music on the shows. But I've never seen one of the shows with my music.

Rick: When presenting guitar clinics around the country, what's your approach given that there are guitarists at various ability levels in the audience?

Ronny: I really do enjoy doing clinics and feel very privileged that I get the chance to share a few of my tricks with fellow players. When I do clinics I try to make it so there's something for everybody at all skill levels. I keep it pretty straight forward. I play a few songs throughout the clinic and then talk about my philosophies about how I approach playing the guitar. I demonstrate some exercises I've developed to help myself become a better player. They're really simple things that help your chops very quickly.

I also answer all questions and then after the event, I hang out and chat with everyone. It really is a very cool thing being able to help up and coming players get going. Basically, what I stress more than anything at my clinics is that you have to be focused on what you want to accomplish and practice is very important.

When I do my private shred clinics I keep the class down to 20 people or under, so I can spend time personally with someone that is having issues getting something we're going over.

I've had great success teaching my licks and exercises at these events. I also go over other things like gear selection and I touch on business stuff as well.

Another interesting thing I have been seeing at my clinics lately is that more girls are starting to play guitar. I think that's great! We really need to have the first girl Eddie Van Halen some day. I hope I'm around to see that. It'd be great to have a girl that was right up there with the guys!

There have been some great women players in the past. But I would like to see a girl that has it all and gets out there and blows the doors open. That being said, both Roxy Petrucci and Jennifer Batten do shred.

Rick: How would you describe the full spectrum of your guitar playing, compared to what you like to play?

Ronny: I always get pegged as a metal guy and I really do enjoy playing rock stuff. But I also enjoy playing acoustic quite a bit. I making an acoustic CD called Acoustify that I plan to put out before the end of the year.

I really do enjoy all types of music. But doing my rock instrumental stuff is the most fun, because I can really tear it up. That being said, guitarists should really know more than one style and should be open to other types of music. When I'm in my car, I have XM Radio and so I listen to everything.

Rick: Were you formally schooled in the theory of music or are you more intuitive?

Ronny: I'm totally self-taught. I did try lessons. But they really didn't help at all and I only started to improve after I started figuring stuff out on my own. When I was young, all I did was practice. I was totally obsessed with playing guitar. Dad always took us camping and I would take my electric guitar with us, with my battery powered Pignose amp. I'm sure I drove everybody nuts! But that's all I wanted to do.

I don't know any music theory and play completely by ear. I can pick out stuff pretty quickly, which has definitely helped me when I do high profile recording sessions. An interesting thing I do, which drives people crazy, is I always play my guitar unplugged when I watch TV. I always watch TV! A lot of times, when there's music on a show or commercial, I see if I can learn it before it's off. I'm getting pretty good at it these days. You usually have under 30 seconds to figure out the music. It's great ear training.

I couldn't tell you what was going on in theory. But I could play it for you. That being said, I'm definitely a believer on doing what's best for each player. If you think lessons will help your playing, then by all means do what's best for you. It's important to find a good teacher. There's also a ton of cool DVD instructional videos out there. The Paul Gilbert ones are so cool!

I will be coming out with one myself soon, hopefully by Christmas. Knowledge is power and you can always learn something new.

Rick: I see that you're a positive force in the community with respect to contributing your time and talents to various compassionate causes, including Support to the Troops, Tsunami Relief, Toys for Tots, Musicians in Need, and the Special Olympics Summer Games. How about telling us about your interests in helping others through your music and some special moments that you've experienced along this road?

Ronny: I really do believe that music is a great healer in all ways. It's so great that I can play these events to help others in need and they enjoy it so much. All it requires is my time. It really is a great thing to be able to help these causes and to make a difference. It's all about the Karma. I've done the Special Olympics for the last eight years in a row. I have a sister who is one of the athletes and before I started playing the event, I saw how it turned her life around in a great way.

Once I saw what effect it had on the athletes and everyone involved, I had to be a part of it. I talked with the organizers and I have been a part of the event ever since. When we play I give away a ton of promo CD's and then I sign stuff and have pictures taken with everyone and hang out. It's a great thing that I probably enjoy more than they do. I will do it as long as they will have me. It's a great thing how much they appreciate the music and just having us being there. As for the troops, it's a real honor to be invited to play for the people insuring our way of life.

Rick: You are endorsed by nearly 40 music related companies. How does the endorsement arena work with respect to how you and the companies mutually support one another and how does this type of deal get initiated?

Ronny: I feel very fortunate that I'm in the position to get such great support from those companies. The endorsement thing is a very tricky game for an up and coming player. It's obviously much easier for the famous guy that's on MTV everyday.

But, for us regular guys it's a little tougher. It's a great thing to have all my endorsements. But it's a lot of work and responsibility. I'm very lucky that I get a lot of press in magazines and from doing clinics and trade shows, and So, it's easier to approach a company if I'm interested in their products. More often than not, they'll know who I am. I also get approached by companies all the time.

Rick: One of your most recent endorsements is with Tregan guitars. Tell us about the development of the Ronny North Signature Tregan guitar.

Ronny: I met with Tregan guitars at the Winter NAMM show in January of this year. I was introduced to them through my friend, Skunk Wright [Quartershackle], who is a Tregan endorser. He kept telling me throughout NAMM weekend that he was playing these cool new guitars and that I had to check them out.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon when I was on my way to my last demo at the Laney booth, I just happened to walk by the Tregan booth by chance and I saw Skunk. He waved me over to the booth and I tried one of the guitars. I was really surprised how good it played. After I played it for a few minutes through an amp they had at the booth. Tony Guarriello, the owner of Tregan, came over and introduced himself to me. We talked a bit and he said that it would be great to have me playing their guitars. I told him that I was looking to do a signature guitar. We talked some more and he offered to send me a guitar to try out.

Once the guitar arrived, I really dug it. So we we started working together. I designed the entire guitar from the ground up. It's a design that I already had created, I was looking for a company to work with, but the guitar companies I was working with at the time didn't see my vision. I was talking with a few big guitar companies at NAMM and they were interested. But they didn't get it at all. They just wanted me to put my name on an existing model.

Tregan got it right away and I went with them. The prototype was built by Greg Back for Tregan Guitars. Greg has built or worked on guitars for Satch, Vai, Eddie Van Halen and many other big guys. He also helped create the Feiten Tuning System with Buzzy Feiten.

My Ronny North Signature Tregan guitar has a smaller three quarter size mahogany light weight single cutaway body, with a flamed maple top, in Psyko Green! It has a curly maple neck with a flatter radius and 22 jumbo frets, 24 3/4" scale, an original Floyd Rose trem, Seymour Duncan pickups and the Feiten Tuning system for perfect intonation. The electronics are a single volume knob, a three-way Gibson style pickup selector switch. It has a kill switch that only kills the front pickup, so you can do the cool Ace Frehley style stuttering effects.

I took all the elements of my favorite guitars and combined them for my ultimate playing weapon. I worked very closely with Greg Back on the prototype and every detail of this guitar, including the neck dimension and the size and thickness of the body. My guitar has a traditional look with modern playability. I know what I need in an instrument and I put all these features into my signature guitar. I really know my gear and I know how to work on guitars when I need to, so I know what size frets I need and about scale lengths, as well as everything else. I designed it.

We just premiered the guitar at Summer NAMM in Nashville in June and it was a big hit. I played the production version of the guitar at the show and it rocked! The guitar will start shipping in the fall of 2008. It really is a dream come true, to have my own signature guitar.

Rick: Have you been heavily involved in the development of other guitar products?

Ronny North. Photo by Jim Morris.

Ronny: It's great to be in a position to be involved in the development of new guitar products. As you know, I'm very opinionated when it comes to guitar gear. My main concern when developing new gear is that it plays and sounds great and is versatile, durable and affordable. These are major things. I'm always pushing the envelope and checking out the latest gear, so it's a great thing to be able to consult with companies and create gear that will help all players.

Rick: I understand that there may be some more Ronny North signature products coming on line soon. Can you tell us about any of them?

Ronny: Yes! I am working on a couple new signature products with a couple companies, as we speak. One of them is a signature Distortion-Overdrive box that I'm working on with AMT Electronics. It's going to be very versatile. The products will be very cool. My main concern at this point is the launch of my new Ronny North Signature Tregan guitar this fall.

Rick: How about telling us about your love of Laney amps and what's going on, if anything, with you and their products? Atomic amps?

Ronny: I really do love Laney amplifiers and it's a great honor to be endorsed by such a great company. I bought my white Laney stack back in 1983 from Norwalk Music. I still have it. I first saw Laney’s when Tony Iommi used to use them in Black Sabbath. Then in the early '80s, RATT, George Lynch and Richie Kotzen used to use them. I tried one and was hooked by their British raw tone and how loud they were. I later had the head tweaked a bit by my great friend, Mark Cameron, who now has his own amp company called Cameron Amplification. Mark has done amps for lots of big guys like Lynch, Doug Aldrich, John Norum and tons of others. He actually took some of the gain out of mine and just dialed it in. I still use the amp to this day when I record. It still sounds amazing!

A couple years ago, I approached the Laney guys about a possible endorsement and they were very cool and hooked me up. I am very honored to be sponsored by such a legendary company. I am currently using their VH-100R tube heads, my favorite amp,the GH-100 tube head and the TT-100 2x12 combo. I also use Laney 4x12 cabs with Celestion G-65 speakers. You really can't beat that British tone with the EL 34 tubes. It's a legendary tone that I grew up listening to.

As for Atomic Amplifiers, I've been with them forever. The company was created by legendary amp builder Harry Kolbe. It's a great small combo that you put your Line 6 POD or any other similar device into and it plugs in and will now control the combo. It's a very revolutionary product and very versatile. I've used it on tons of smaller sessions and gigs over the years. It has a tube power section in the amp that really warms up the sound of the POD. I even used it on some of the sessions I did for Snoop Dog. Great stuff! Once again, I met them at NAMM many years ago through a friend who took me by their booth.

Rick: Tell us about your 2008 Summer NAMM experiences and how well you were received during the trade show?

Ronny: Nashville was a blast and I hope to get back and see the local sites sometime. We had a great show and my new Tregan Signature guitar was a big hit at the show. I played every day of the show for Tregan Guitars and for AMT America. I played so many demos that I really didn't even walk around the show and see anything. It is always great seeing friends from the industry at the show and I always enjoy meeting everyone. The summer show was really an adventure. I did a lot of press at the show and that's always a great thing!

Rick: I see you'll be headlining the San Diego Music Fest in September for the Sailors and Marines stationed there. How do the troops connect with a long haired wild guitarist pumping out massive shredded riffs?

Ronny: I'm actually really big with the troops! It's such a great honor to be invited to take part in such great events. I'm all about supporting our troops in anyway I can. They really like to rock and that's my thing. The guys in the Services really like to have a good time when they're off the clock so it's always fun hanging with them. If it wasn't for them I couldn't do what I do.

Rick: A lot of musicians get so caught in their music that they either don't have time or the inclination to take care of business.

Ronny: Don't even get me going on the biz thing! These days it seems like it's 90% biz and 10% music. You really have to stay on top of it. It's a 24/7 thing. I handle my business stuff myself, with help from a couple of people. I'm very lucky to have a great team around me.

I have been burned in the past and I've learned from it. Unfortunately, musicians these days have to really know the business end of things if they're going to make it. If I could go back and change anything from the past, I would have really learned the business end of things, so I would be on top of things. When you first get started, you're out there playing and you're just happy that people dig what you're doing. Unfortunately, there are people out there that just want to take advantage of you and make money off of you. I definitely have made some people a lot of money and where I got nothing.

When I do my guitar clinics, I touch on the biz end of thing a bit. It's a necessary evil in our industry. I do know what's up these days. Sometimes, when new companies approach me, they're surprised that I know my business and that I'm not a dumb musician [Laughs]

Rick: What's happening with your new label, Eonian Records?

Ronny: Eonian Records is a new label that I'm very excited to be with. The owner, Steve Craig, is a real fan of music and he has a great plan for the label.

I had a very ugly situation with a label last year that definitely made me weary of record companies. With Eonian Records, it's all good. It's been a blast working with them. My first release for the label is a greatest hits CD called Then & Now. The CD features my music from 1985 with singers until my present day instrumental thing. There are even a few special guests on the CD and a couple brand new tracks. We have done a special package for the release with photos and histories on all my former musical projects up to my current instrumental project.

I keep everything and so we have tons of cool stuff from my past that nobody has seen before. My assistant, Karen Barrezueta, has done all the art work and layout for the project and she's done a great job!

It's been very interesting going through all the music and pictures of my past. The CD will be out this summer and the label has got some great major distribution going. I'm told that it will be in a lot of the music chains, including Best Buy stores.

Rick: What other hobbies or interests do you have beyond the guitar thing?

Ronny: I'm an avid golfer for sure. I used to ditch school with my friends when I was a kid to play golf. If I wasn't playing guitar, I'd be trying to make it on the PGA Tour. [Laughs] I try to golf as much as possible. But lately I haven't had the time. I do have a small golf group of friends in the industry. We try to get together when we can and hit a quick nine at a local course.

I can play and have some great Taylor made clubs that the company hooked me up with as well as my very cool Oakley golf shoes, golf bags and glasses. Thanks Oakley! Sometimes I take my clubs with me when we do out of town stuff and I'll have the promoter get me a golf time as part of my deal for the show. I really wanted to play in Nashville, but I had no time.

Unfortunately, to be great in golf you have to practice constantly. A pro golfer hits at least a thousand balls a day on the driving range! Like guitar, I'm not a naturally talented golfer, so I would have to practice constantly to be great. That being said, I still win a lot on the golf course. And no matter how my game is going, when I'm playing golf, it's very relaxing to me.

I also surf when I can. I'm going this weekend. I skateboard anytime possible. As you can imagine, everybody in my camp isn't too hip on me skating pools. The funny thing is that I originally grew my hair long to be like Tony Alva, who was my hero when I was a kid. I used to skate and surf all the time and was actually planning on becoming a pro skater back in the day. When it came down to it, I figured out pretty quickly that I was a much better guitarist than I was a skater. I do skate whenever I get the chance and I hit up the local skate park now and again.

It's a great feeling riding a pool and I will always do it as long as I am able. These are all fun things. But these days playing guitar takes up most of my time and I need to stay focused.

A good friend of mine plays guitar for Alice Cooper, who is an avid golfer. Now that would be the perfect gig for me! I would get to play great classic songs in stadiums at night and play golf with the boss by day. Paradise!

Rick: So, no recreational pharmacueticals that might side track you?

Ronny: The way I look at it is that I'm very fortunate to be able to do what I do and I never take it for granted for a second. It is my life, for better or worse, and to make it work I have to be focused on it, and that's no small feat. That being said, I rarely drink and I never touch drugs. These are major factors in side tracking all your efforts to make it and I've seen that happen to friends so many times.

Rick: With the Internet pushing out music from all over the world, do you find yourself exploring music from different parts of the globe?

Ronny North. Photo by Karen Barrezueta.

Ronny: The Internet is a great thing! I have XM Radio and I listen to Internet radio all the time. I listen to lots of music from other countries. The pop music of France and Russia is very cool. I also listen to lots of Spanish pop music. You have to love XM Radio! It's all great stuff and it gives me a fresh outlook on my own music. Just MySpace alone has been a great help. I met a ton of my MySpace friends in Nashville. Bands and musicians always send me their music to hear on MySpace. Some of it is really good. The key is using the Internet to your advantage. We have a few MySpace pages, with one dedicated to my gear. I'm a gear fiend! We have tons of my guitars and other gear on the site.

Rick: Each time we've met, you've been contagiously enthusiastic about music and unlike a lot of folks, you have this abundance mentality where you enthusiastically support other players, where other guitarists would consider them competitors for the spotlight.

Ronny: I'm confident enough in my playing abilities where I'm all about supporting new players. We're all in it together and it's not a competition. If you're insecure, you start being all weird and you become a player hater for lack of a better term. That's all wasted energy to me. If you're so worried about these other players overtaking your limelight, then maybe you should practice more yourself! I definitely have no time for those games.

* * *

Metal Music Promotions.com July 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ronny North Interview
by Paul Tauterouff

Photo Courtesy of Karen Barrezueta - Nashville 6/21/08

Paul Tauteroff: At what age did you make the decision that you were going to be a professional musician and what (or who) inspired this?

Ronny: I actually started playing piano right around 1st grade... I really didn't dig it. My parents enrolled me in the Yamaha music school to learn to play. I eventually got kicked out for beating up an obnoxious kid next to me. (He so deserved it..LOL!!) I do wish I would have stuck with it. I still play piano to this day and have one in my living room. I can only play stuff I wrote. As for guitar, the funny thing is at first I really didn't want to play. When I was a kid, I was much more into sports football, baseball, and skateboarding.

I actually wanted to be a pro skateboarder like Tony Alva... When I was 8 or 9, my Dad made my brother and I take a few guitar lessons from a guy that lived across the street. It was totally useless and the guy really had no clue about what he was doing and we really didn't want to be there. The funny thing is that several years later when I was starting to get a name for myself, the teacher guy actually hit me up to help him make it in the music biz when I was visiting my parents' house.

NEXT!!! When I was 13, I got a KISS record for Christmas. (It was the Destroyer Album!!) Before that I had never heard of KISS... I thought it was the greatest thing and I immediately wanted to be Ace Frehley. He was my very first guitar hero. I started playing my Dad's old guitar and that spring I got a Copy Les Paul and a small solid state amp for my B-Day. On that note, that summer my Dad took the whole family to see KISS at the Forum during their Alive II tour. That was the peak of their fame...

After that I knew that's what I wanted to do...

All I did was play and then when I found out girls really dug guys that played, I was hooked!!!! I seemed to get pretty good quickly and could figure out songs pretty easily. My brother plays drums and we started jamming in our garage with various people (aka victims..). I was actually playing the Sunset Strip in Hollywood when I was 14. On that note, I'm definitely not a natural musician and have to practice constantly even to this day. I compare it to being a Pro golfer. (Something I always wanted to be!!) You have to work on it everyday to keep your chops up. A pro golfer hits up to a 1000 golf balls a day on the driving range just to keep his shots in tune.

PT: Was your family supportive of you from the very beginning or did it take a little while to convince them?

Ronny: My Dad is actually a guitar player even though he never played seriously. My mother used to play piano. My Dad was pretty supportive of my playing and would even take my brother and I to gigs before we could drive. I guess you could say it was in my blood to play. When I first started my dad insisted I take lessons. The lessons were useless. I had no desire to play "Mary had a Little Lamb" (that's what he was really teaching me..). I was obsessed with playing guitar and figured out pretty much everything on my own.

After a while my brother and I started playing in different bands with different people. He used to play with older guys. (He was 12...) His guitar player was a couple years older than I and he had all the Van Halen tapping stuff down. He would play VH songs note for note. His name was Steve James. He later went on to play in an early version of Metallica and wrote “Hit the Lights”. (Metallica started out in my town.) I figured out the VH thing from seeing him do it. Once I saw it close up I knew exactly what to do. It all made sense. That's all I did was play guitar.

PT: Was there a single significant event or milestone in your career where you finally said to yourself: "Alright - I've made it!"?

Ronny: Even though I am getting a name for myself, I still don't think that I have made it. I still have a long way to go.

Getting my first endorsements and seeing myself in ads in Guitar Magazines back in the day was pretty cool. I got my first endorsements back in '94. I signed with Seymour Duncan and DR Strings the same day at Winter NAMM 2004. It was so long ago... It really has been a really long road to get here for sure.

Getting my own signature guitar from Tregan Guitars (www.treganguitars.com) has been a great thing. We just premiered it at Summer NAMM 2008 in Nashville and it was a big hit. The guitar will start shipping in the fall of 2008. It's been a blast working with Tregan on my new guitar. Finally a guitar company that gets me... Definitely a dream come true to see it become a reality. I will be having a few more Ronny North signature products coming out very soon. Stay tuned!

PT: Do you think it was more difficult to achieve success in California vs. some other less competitive area of the US or world?

Ronny: It really is hard everywhere but I think I was at an advantage being in LA back in the Day. Plus I got to see Van Halen and Randy Rhoads play. It really was a great scene. The only thing that was discouraging was seeing how great they were and seeing how far I still had to go in my playing. I'm still trying to get there to this day. You can always improve...

PT: What was the toughest challenge or obstacle you faced while developing your career and how did you overcome it?

Ronny: Not knowing the music biz definitely hurt my career. I was definitely taken advantage of early on and made a lot of people a lot of money and didn't see a dime myself. I also have very small hands so I have to do some things differently when I play but that also might have helped me develop a style of my own.

PT: What would you say are the most important traits a musician should possess in order become successful?

Ronny: A focus on your playing, a great business sense (Very important in today's music industry), star quality and the drive to make it. It's very tough out there and it's definitely not for everyone for sure. For better or worse, I have sacrificed everything for what I do...

PT: You have endorsement deals with some very good companies. What advice can you have offer for musicians who are seeking endorsements?

Ronny: I have been very fortunate to get the support of some great companies. I thank my lucky stars everyday that they believe in me as a player and artist. My thoughts on endorsements are that they definitely can help the up and coming player get more out there. I'm lucky enough to be able to attend trade shows all the time and meet the companies face to face.

When I got my first endorsements at Winter NAMM in '94, I had promo packs made that showed what I had done at that point with a CD and a pro shot promo pic in it. I also had a plan on the companies I was going to approach. It was really easy and I have been with Duncan since '94. We have grown together... I have found that most companies want to get their products seen in the hands of great players. If you get out there and do it and are making a name for yourself, it's a great way to get their product seen. I can go on and on about endorsements. I'm always getting offered gear from different companies and more often than not, I turn stuff down. I feel very lucky to be in my position but I will only endorse gear that I use. It's a question I get asked a lot.

PT: If you had to start your music career all over again knowing what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently?

Ronny: After learning my guitar, I would learn the biz end of things before doing anything and surround myself with only people I trust. If I would have done that at the beginning, I'm sure things would have turned out a lot differently and we'd be talking from my mansion in Malibu... LOL...

PT: What would be your single greatest bit of advice to someone considering starting a music career?

Ronny: You have to love it!!! If it's not your life, do something else and make money because chances are you're not going to playing music. That being said, it's all I know and it is my life. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. If I could do something else, I'd either be a PGA pro golfer or a pro skate boarder... I am a good golfer and skateboarder, but I definitely play guitar better... LOL... I do take my golf clubs with me when we travel sometimes. I have a great roadcase for them...

PT: If you could live your life all over again and do anything you wanted to do, would you still be a professional musician?

Ronny: Yes I would! I would just do things a little differently. Playing guitar and music is my life. I have always been a fan of music as long as I can remember. Once I started playing guitar, it all made sense. Everything in my life from 14 to present day has something to do with my guitar in some way. It's been a crazy adventure and I'm still going... Can't wait to see my new Tregan signature Ronny North guitar come out in the fall.

PT: Thanks so much for your time, Ronny. You are a true gentleman and I appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions.

Ronny: Thanks for taking the time to interview me.

Photo Courtesy of Arlene Ferrar - Special Olympics Summer Games 6/17/2008

Ronny's Bio:

Ronny North is fast becoming a Southern California guitar hero. In November 2006, he won the Best Male Guitarist award at the All Access Magazine Music awards. He also regularly gets press and airplay all over the world. Ronny has shared stages with Yngwie Malmsteen, Queensryche, George Lynch and RATT, among many others. He is endorsed by 40 different music equipment manufactures and regularly plays clinics and trade shows for them as well being featured in their ad campaigns in all the music magazines. In March 2007, Ronny was featured in Guitar Player Magazine where GP editor and chief Michael Molenda said some great things about Ronny's playing. Tregan Guitars premiered the Ronny North signature guitar at summer NAMM in Nashville in June 2008. The guitar was a big hit and will start shipping in the fall of 2008. On top of all this, he writes a few columns for Guitar Jam Daily Online. His main column is called "Adventures in Guitar with Ronny North". The column has become really popular with the readers. In the summer of 2008, Ronny will be releasing two new CD's. The first in July called Then & Now. It's a greatest hits CD of songs from Ronny's past bands with singers up to his present day instrumental project. The single off the CD is a brand new song called "Destruction of You" that features Ronny and a few of his high profile friends. It's his first release under his new deal with Eonian Records. The second release is the new instrumental CD tentatively titled Light that will be released later in the summer. Ronny is tomorrow's guitar hero today...

Guitar Jam Daily July 2008

SN '08: Tregan Announces New Ronny North Custom Guitar

Tuesday, 01 July 2008 16:46

By Jim Basara - GJD
It was a great pleasure to see GJD's own Ronny North showing off his soon-to-be-released signature guitar. Maufactured by Tregan Guitars, the Ronny North Signature model sports a small, light, single cutaway contoured mahogany body (about 7 lbs.); a carved flamed maple top; a curly maple slim fast neck; maple fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets (24 ¾" scale); original gold Floyd Rose tremolo; original Seymour Duncan pickups directly mounted to the body (no pickup rings); and the Buzz Feiten tuning system for perfect intonation.

Ronny tells us that he had a great deal of input into the design of the guitar, basically taking the best aspects from all of his guitars to essentially create his dream guitar. "It's made for the player with smaller hands, like myself. (We) made the body smaller with a very deep cutaway that goes up to the 22nd fret. The neck is a little wider and thin in depth with a flat radius with jumbo frets to make bends easy. I even put a kill switch on it that only kills the neck pickup, so you can do stuttering effects and, of course, my favorite-the DJ scratching thing!"

The instrument will only come in PSYKO green, with cream binding and a matte green finish on the back. Ronny's "signature" is represented by the North logo on the 12th fret and Ronny's "Happy Face" skull logo on the headstock.

Controls consist of one volume knob, one 3-way (Gibson style ) pickup selector, and the kill switch. The volume pot has a capacitor that keeps maintains singing highs when the volume is turned down.

The price for the Ronny North Signature model is yet to be announced.

Guitar & Bass Gear Guide July 2008

Department of Virtuosity Issue #9, March 2008 - July 2008

The 9th issue of the DoV has just been released online. Due to many other obligations, there was 5-month must-be break from publishing. Although I typed as fast as mad dog, I am not a robot, that's why it lasted so long. To those who aren't familar with the DoV, I would like to inform that DoV is a place meant for highly skilled artists and bands regardless of their genre. The only one rule I am guided by while preparing the stuff is: "If your monkey can play the comb like a real virtuoso, I am ready to write a review!" Obviously, my words should be taken with a pinch of salt, and not too seriously. In other words, the style range is very wide: from instrumental guitar-oriented music to shredding, from neoclassical to jazz, from experimental to avantgarde, from electronica to electroacoustic stuff, from AOR to progressive music etc.

The newest issue is a proof of aforementioned words, since it includes artists and bands (92 new reviews in total) playing in various and sometimes even stark genres. Let us begin then: Konstantine Andeson (1 review; acoustic guitar), Philippe Ansari (1; experimental/progressive), Archeon (1; neoclassical metal with growling), Yann Armellino & Chris Caron (1; hard rock with bluesy touches), Balkan & Beyond (1; Balkan music for acoustic guitar and hand percussion), George Bellas (4; neoclassical metal with progression), Blotted Science (1; instrumental experimental metal), Srdjan Brankovic (1; melodic progressive rock/metal), Charles Brown (7; cinematic progressive rock), Cosmics (1; instrumental progressive metal), Cassandra Cross (2; neoclassical metal), Marcos De Ros (1; classic hard rock), Jose Del Rio (1; acoustic guitar), Kevin Ferguson (1; classical music), The Franklin-Neumann Project (1; progressive rock)! , Marty Friedman (2; instrumental rock with Japanese pop influences), The Great Kat (6; neoclassical shredding metal with thrash influences), Oleg Gurtovoy & Vega Group (1; space-synth with progression), Justin Hellman (1, jazz), Chema Herrero (1, instrumental rock/metal), Emir Hot (1; instrumental metal with progressive and Balkan folk music influences), Inner Gypsy (1; Gypsy music for acoustic guitar and flute), Ron Jarzombek (2; experimental cartoon-inspired metal), K3 (1; instrumental progressive metal), Laura Kaye (1; contemporary hard rock with female vocals), Lale Larson, Gary Willis, Sebastiaan Cornelissen (1; jazz/fusion), Daniele Liverani (2; instrumental shredding metal with progression), Paul Lowe (1; instrumental rock), Made Of Hate (1; neoclassical metal with growling), Mattsson (1; symphonic progressive metal), Misa Micevski Group (1; jazz/fusion), Ronny North (1; instrumental rock/metal), Mario Parga & Tony Martin (1; melodic rock), Michaela Rabitsch & Rober! t Pawlik (2; jazz), Stefan Rosqvist (2; instrumental rock/metal), Jorg e Salan (3; melodic hard rock), Bob Savage (1; instrumental rock), Jeff Scheetz (5; from shredding to blues rock), Marco Sfogli (1; instrumental rock/metal), Atanas Shishkov (3; from instrumental rock/metal to acoustic and fusion), Six Minute Century (1; melodic progressive metal), Ken Snyder (3; instrumental metal with progression), Spastic Ink (2; experimental metal), Spiraless (1; fusion), Michael Stollaire (1; corporate rock), Tangria Jazz Group (1; as its name indicates), Two Of A Kind (1; classic jazz), VA - Northwest ShredFest 2008 (1; shredding metal), Juan M. Valero (1; instrumental melodic metal), Vio7 (1; electric violin metal), Jeff Watson (2; melodic hard rock), Mark Wood (6; electric violin rock/metal with neoclassical elements) and Phi Yaan-Zek (2; experimental rock/metal with progression and cartoon-inspired fragments).

The total amount of reviews come to: 473. You can read all of them by visiting the "HMP Magazine" official website and clicking the golden banner or linking some of the URLs enlisted below.

Mikolaj 'Nicolo' Furmankiewicz (Head of the DoV and website's editor-in-chief) e-mail {nicolo at hmpmag.pl} | official website {www.hmpmag.pl}

Premier Guitar Summer NAMM 2008

Summer NAMM '08 - Tregan Guitars Ronny North Signature

Metal Monthly July 2008

Listen to Ronny's interview online at www.metalmonthly.com/RonnyNorth.html!!

Modern Guitar Magazine June 2008


I ran into guitarist Ronny North whom I'd met at Winter NAMM 2006 in Anaheim, California. He was in a crowd watching a young kid of about five pummeling a drum kit, a bit awkwardly but the little guy was cute and into it. North's a superb guitarist and full of enthusiasm that's as infectious as it is genuine. He's now endorsing Tony Guarriello's Tregan guitars.

Ronny North with a Tregan guitar at the 2008 Summer NAMM Show. Photo by Rick Landers.

Premier Guitar Magazine (www.premierguitar.com) Daily News Summer NAMM 2008 Wrap Up

by Joe Coffey

Ronny North fired up his new Tregan for us, as did Rob Marcello with his new Paradise guitar and Danny B. Harvey with a killer James Trussart.

Ronny North demos his Tregan

Performer Magazine, June 2008

Tregan Guitars 2008 Catalogue

AMT Electronics Summer NAMM 2008 Postcard

NAMM Playback Summer 2008

Buzz Feiten Ad in Guitar World Magazine, June 2008 Issue

Music Connection Magazine, 5/12/08-5/31/08 Issue

Tregan Ad in Up Beat Magazine, Summer NAMM 2008 Issue (6/20/08)

From Premiere Magazine, June 2008 Issue

Summer NAMM Preview: New Guitars from Ibanez, Tregan

by Premier Guitar

Rumors of an Ibanez reissue, plus a Ronny North Signature Guitar from Tregan

Nashville, TN(May 23, 2008) -- With less than a month until Summer NAMM, news is starting to pour out of Nashville. First up, we have it on good authority that Ibanez is planning to roll out a high-end re-issue in the RG family. Though that's about all we have to share at the moment, we'll keep you updated as the details come in, and look for videos with Ibanez from the Summer NAMM floor.

Confirmed for June is the Ronny North Signature Guitar from Tregan Guitars. The long-time Southern California instrumental rocker chose Tregan Guitars to create his signature guitar due to the company's reputation for exciting new designs and reasonably-priced quality instruments, along with luthier Greg Back’s ability to tweak a guitar to fit the player perfectly.

With its lightweight body, super fast neck and great looks, the guitar will offer features unheard of on guitars in its price range, including an original Floyd Rose Tremolo, Buzz Feiten tuning system and custom Ronny North Monster Tone pickups hand-wound in the USA by Performance Labs. The guitar will also feature a mahogany body with a maple cap and flame maple top, and a bolt on maple neck with a birds-eye maple fretboard and custom inlays. The pickups have been custom-designed for Ronny North’s Signature guitar and offer the perfect blend of tones so each note rings out true and clear. MSRP is yet to be determined.

Ronny North will be demonstrating his signature guitar in the T. G., Inc. booth #1436 at this year’s Summer NAMM. Also Demonstrating Tregan Guitars in TGI’s booth will be Flash Bathory and Skunk from Quartershackle. For more information, visit treganguitars.com, ronnynorth.com, and gregbackguitars.com.

Remember, Summer NAMM is from June 20-22, and we'll be there bringing you ongoing coverage of everything new.

Tregan Ad from Premiere Guitar Magazine
March 2008

Flash Magazine, March 2008 - Issue #227

Fireworks Magazine, Mar/Apr 2008 - Issue #31

From MelodicRock.com, Wednesday, February 27, 2008:


The hard copy of Fireworks Magazine #31 has sold out! Yes indeed... The Fireworks office is fresh out of copies, but if you would still like a copy, please search the stands at Borders stores in UK as well as specialist retailers www.destinyrecords.uk.com or www.aorheaven.com.

Or....even better - purchase the Digital PDF version right here...right now!
FW31 PDF Online Version is the same as the print version - 96 pages, including interviews with the following: Helloween, WASP, Dee Snider, Doro Pesch, Ted Poley, Gamma Ray, The Poodles, Work of Art, Bobby Kimball, Tyla, Pagan's Mind, Richie Kotzen, Rob Rock, Rik Emmett, Big Cock, Crystal Ball, Tomy MacAlpine, Jordan Rudess, SAHB, Epica, Xandria, Sonic Syndicate, Sieges Even, Lechery, Ronny North, Far-Less, Angel of Eden, To-Mera and Laura Kaye.

Also included via MP3 (@192.kbps) is the following tracks:
Catz N' Clawz - 1. Shauna Young - Given Enough, 2. Tarja – Ciaran's Well, 3. Jaime Kyle – World Of Crazy, 4. Imperia - Norway, 5. Glitzy Glow - Black & Sunny Day, 6. Sofia - Hangover, 7. Xandria - Save My Life, 8. Kelly Padrick - Sometimes, 9. Eilera - Fusion, 10. Vanity Ink - Someone Else, 11. Rott - Out Of Time, 12. Toni Rowland - I'll Be Waiting, 13. Clandestine - My Lord, 14. Skytah - Gypsy Mentality, 15. Barbe-q-barbies - Escort, 16. Vice Squad - Voice Of The People, 17. Blind Shot - Haunted Heart, 18. Alexx Calise - Give It To Me, 19. Mystic Jayyd - Girls Night Out, 20. Jaded – Lies.

The Rock Disk - 1. House of Lords – Come To My Kingdom, 2. Last Autumn's Dream – My Alibi, 3. Avantasia – Shelter From the Rain, 4. Draconia - Seasons Apart, 5. Work of Art – Why Do I, 6. Laura Kaye – Under a Cloudless Sky, 7. Circular Logik – Welcome Home, 8. Brant Pethick – It's Your Fight, 9. Angel of Eden – The End of Never, 10. Atrocity – Smalltown Boy, 11. Ronny North – A Day in the Moment, 12. P:O:B: – Promises, 13. Diablo Swing Orchestra – Poetic Pitbull Revelations, 14. S.E.X. Department – Revenge of Vampires, 15. Manzana - Falling to Pieces, 16. Vindictiv – Caesar's Commentaries.

The Roll Disk - 1. Leverage – Stormchild, 2. Lechery – Your Fate, 3. Sandalinas – Fly to the Sun, 4. Glyder – 'Dark Meets Light', 5. Biloxi – Here Alone, 6. Sieges Even – Eyes Wide Open, 7. Overdrive – Chasing Highways, 8. To-Mera – Inside the Hourglass, 9. Redline – King of the Mountain, 10. Mattson – This Is Our Time, 11. Arthemis – Angels in Black, 12. 3 Wishes – Two Young Hearts, 13. Madron – Ever Remember, 14. The Bonesmen – It's All Right, 15. Three Quarter Stone – Full Moon, 16. Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge.

Minarik Guitars NAMM 08 Global E-Letter, February 2008


This years show actually had its beginning on Wednesday Evening when the stages at the Hilton began jumping and none other than our own Ronny North was there to get them going in earnest. For anyone who has been attending NAMM for any amount of time, Ronny has been a fixture at the booths around the show, doing demos for the benefit of virtually every component manufacturer. However, he had never been given the chance to perform on the Main Stages until this year, when the powers that be realized their oversight of previous years and brought Ronny and his band to the forefront. I believe you all know how dynamic a stage performer Ronny is, so I will let the pictures below speak for themself. It will suffice to say that the place was PACKED!!!! All pix below are courtesy of Arlene Ferrar.

Verde Valley Independent May 16 - May 22, 2007

Family tie draws national recording artist to Cottonwood

Cottonwood Music

Store hosts 'shred clinic' Saturday

By Michelle Borgwardt
Staff reporter

As a boy, Ronny North wanted to be a pro golfer.
Instead, he has become a premier guitarist with a rising reputation.
His plans changed after he received his first KISS album at Christmas.
"I knew I wanted to do that right then", recalls 41 year old Ronny, who's based in Los Angeles.
He got his first guitar at age 14 and within a short time frame was surpassing his friends on the instrument.
"Next thing I know I'm playing the Hollywood Strip", he reflects during a recent phone interview.
Fast forward to December 2006 when Ronny is named "Best Male Guitarist" at the All Access Magazine Music Awards. He consistently gets airplay, his name can be seen regularly throughout the press (most re- cently he was featured in the March 2007 issue of Guitar Player Magazine), and his image is splashed in numerous ads in guitar magazines endorsing many of his 35 sponsors.
On Saturday May 19th, area residents can catch a glimpse of this national recording artist when he presents a "shred clinic" at 2p.m. at Verde Valley Discount Music in Cottonwood.
Last year Ronny presented about 20 such clinics throughout the United States and he plans to continue the trend this year. During this free shred clinic, Ronny will show off lots of cool licks and guitar tricks, including the DJ Scratching trick that has been a highlight of his clinics. He will also play several songs off his new CD Disconnected which was released in April, as well as recordings off his previous two CDs: Smeared and Going Psyko.

As an added bonus there will be numerous giveaways and Ronny will sign autographs. Anyone is invited to attend this clinic but space is limited so reserve a spot in advance by calling the store at 649-0901. Those who sign up will have first priority.
"This marks the first clinic hosted at Verde Valley Discount music," says owner Ted Karstadt.
"It's something I can offer the community, which is one of the reasons I have the store here", he explains. "This is something that happens at the mega guitar stores. It's exciting to bring it here to Cottonwood."
The shred clinic will feature light to hard rock sounds with a dash of heavy metal for good measure. Switching between two of his Minarik guitars (He has nearly a 100 guitars), Ronny will demonstrate simple exercises he created to help players increase their accuracy and speed, as well as techniques to make it easier to play like a pro.
"I'm far from a natural musician", Ronny confesses. "I have to work at it daily. I hate practicing but I have to do it."
The hour-long clinic will benefit anyone who wants to be better at playing guitar, he ads, regardless of skill level.
"It's very user friendly, not music theory", he states, "and you'll gain basic insight to strengthen your hands."
There's another reason that brings Ronny to the Verde Valley. It's his second home, his mother was born in Jerome and the family owned a house there for 30 years. In fact, his grandfather Baldo Nunez lives in Clarkdale. He has fond memories spending summers up on the hill since the early 70's. It's his affinity for the town that draws him to hold his photo shoots in Jerome. His new CD cover provides an excellent example.
Ronny's hectic schedule keeps him hopping. In July he's slated to play at Summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) in Austin, Texas. Later this summer He plans to kick off his "DISCONNECTED in AMERICA 2007" tour as well as release Acoustify, a CD containing all acoustic tracks including one called "Arizona Sky". You can read more about Ronny on the Web at www.myspace.com/ronnynorth. He also writes a monthly column for Guitar Jam Daily Magazine (www.guitarjamdaily.com) Called "Adventures in Guitar with Ronny North".
Ronny is donating his time for the Cottonwood clinic and footing his travel costs. But he Says it's worth it, "I love Arizona and I love doing this stuff. Hopefully the clinic will enlighten them on the art of playing guitar."

Music Connection Magazine 12/7/07 through 1/6/08

As the music industry continues to morph, and the internet looms larger every day with independent artists seeking success on their own, the number of Southern California signings is slightly down from last year. Music Connection received reports of just over 60 signings in 2007. It should be noted that responses to our quest -- especially from the majors -- were notably subdued this year. Once again, we can't help but notice that the majority of signings were indie deals. Additionally, the same factors that generally get acts signed were in play: driving ambition, great songs, the right connections, and a strong live show.

Ronny North
A&R reps: Dan Behlman

Dan Behlman contacted North after watching him for some time. Following a conversation about the label and North’s needs, North decided to get on board. The label sells music almost exclusively online, which North be-lieves is the future. His first label recording was a Christmas song, "A Day in The Moment", released on Nov. 10, 2007.

The New Minarik Ad June 2007

Ronny is on the Buzz Feiten Systems Website (May 2007).

Ronny is in the March 2007 Issue of Guitar Player Magazine.

Ad for Guitar Wheel 2006

Guitar World Magazine, September 2006

The Flyer for Ronny's first Shred Guitar Clinic at Hot House Studios, March 2006.

Music Connection Magazine, July 14, 2005

Ronny's ad for sponsor Minarik Guitars was featured in the July 14th, 2005 issue of Music Connection magazine.

Guitar Player Magazine, February 2003

Ronny's ad for sponsor Zaolla Cables was featured in the February 2003 NAMM issue of Guitar Player magazine.

Guitar One Magazine, May 2004

Ronny's ad for sponsor Morley Pedals was featured in the May 2004 issue of Guitar One magazine.

Music Connection, March 1, 2004

A little blurb about Ronny was in the March 1, 2004 issue of Music Connection.

Interviews and Reviews

Take12Radio.com Interviews Ronny North

Click on picture to hear Ronny's interview with Take12Radio.com!

Radio Basile in Italy - DISCONNECTED CD Review

Well, what the hell can i say about this extraordinaire sensational already famous guitar hero from California (incidentally, he plays his own signature brand of instrumental guitar rock), that is RONNY NORTH? He has appeared and done so many things around USA that seem useless to me to list them, i should need to write a book about him! What instead i can say about his latest cd album," Disconnected" is that his excellent virtuosism blows up in a very outstanding way, you can't miss his professional game of hands and sounds listening to his wonderful guitar works, a real axe man that soon will be a legend! Luckily enough his songs are not pure academic exercises, as often happens to great guitarists, but they go direct in your mind arising emotions, sensations and most of all good vibrations indeed. Don't lose the opportunity lo hear his fab tunes in his page (i've chosen the simplest song here) real little rock gems...www.myspace.com/ronnynorth.... for guitar freaks and passionate you'll also find in the page all his technical tricks and equipments he uses. A stunning touchy guitar player....

All Access Magazine, November 15th, 2006

The Award Goes to...

Best Male Guitarist

By Valerie Nerres

First of all, Congratulations on your award for Best Male Guitarist at the 2006 All Access Magazine Music Awards Show, You definitely deserve it! GOING PSYKO was a great album and truly showcased your distinctive style of guitar playing. Tell me about your new album ACOUSTIFY...

RN: Well thank you. I am so honored that I won the award. It really has inspired me to turn it up a notch and become the player I know I can be. It really was fun attending the 2006 All Access Music Awards Show. It was my first award show and to get a win the first time out was just incredible!! I am actually working on a few things right now. I am currently finishing up my new EP DISCONNECTED. It is a collection of much heavier material than I have ever released. I plan to have it out before Christmas. I wrote a bunch of heavy dark songs after I had some bad stuff happen to me earlier this year. Since they did not fit in with any of the other material, I decided to put them all on one EP. We have been playing the songs live now for a couple months and the fans have been digging them. I am also working on my acoustic instrumental CD titled ACOUSTIFY. It is completely acoustic and I think people will be surprised by my acoustic playing. I really do dig playing acoustic guitars. The CD will even have one song with a guest vocalist. Last year I did a small acoustic tour throughout LA and San Diego and I tried out a lot of the songs. It was very rewarding but hard. After getting a great response from the shows, I decided to make a CD. That’s how ACOUSIFY was born. Last but not least, I will be releasing a guitar instructional DVD titled PSYKO GUITAR that I am very excited about it. The DVD shows a lot of the exercises and licks that I have thought up that have helped me with my dexterity and speed. The DVD will be available at hothousestudios.com, and set for release before Christmas. I have seen some of the footage and it looks great!

So, when and how did your musical career begin, who were your biggest influences?

RN: Both my parents are musicians but neither of them ever in a band. My mother plays piano and my Dad plays guitar. I started playing piano at age seven. I really was not into it and the lessons were boring. I actually went to Yamaha Music School back when they had the schools everywhere. Eventually, I got kicked out because I beat up the kid next to me. (He deserved it!!) My Dad then made my brother and I take guitar lessons several years later from a guy a cross the street. Well, once again it was useless. Finally when I was 13, I got KISS Destroyer for Christmas, and this changed my world. I immediately wanted to be Ace Frehley. Then in May I got a copy Les Paul and a small practice for my B-day. Then, that summer my dad took the whole family to see KISS at the LA Forum during their Love Gun/Alive II Tour. This was in 1977 when KISS was at their peak. It was the greatest concert and I was hooked! I progressed pretty quickly and on a related note, my brother also got a drum set and we would jam in our garage. We had a bunch of bands and I actually played the world famous GAZARRI'S on the Sunset Strip for the first time when I was 14. After that my brother and I performed at all the clubs in the area. Opening for WASP, GREAT WHITE and tons of other local big bands of the time. I like to note that my parents were very supportive of me being a musician. I think that was a very important factor in my musical growth when I was young.

Tell me about the Arlington Guitar Show in Arlington Texas, how did that go?

RN: I had a blast in Arlington for the show. My good friends from Bergeron Guitars flew me down to play at their booth even though they do not endorse me. They are great people and since none of my endorsers were doing the show, I was glad to be able to help out friends by playing at their booth. They really are great people and they make a very unique all-metal guitar. My demos were packed throughout the show. I signed so many autographs and took so many pictures with fans throughout the show. It was great!! I also gave out some pointers on how to shred a bit. It is always great to be able to help out young players if you can. It never gets old when I show someone something and they grasp it right away and it immediately helps their playing. That makes it all worthwhile to me. I also met a lot of my Myspace friends at the show. I have done so many trade shows this year that people are starting to know me. We only took two steps in the Arlington Convention Center on the first day where the show was being held and a woman recognized me who had seen my clinic at the Chicago show. Texas really does rock and the people are so cool and way into guitar. I met so many great people at the show and Larry and his wife Teri Briggs who run the show are just the coolest and have actually become friends of mine since I see them all the time when I play all their shows. I was also fortunate enough to be invited to perform on the first night of the show. I had a blast going up and jamming and the crowd went nuts. It was cool to be invited to play. I jammed a couple songs and got to use both a Bergeron and a very cool Warrior Isabella guitar that my friend Dran at Warrior Guitars was kind enough to let me use for the jam. Great guitar! It was a crazy few days in Texas.

What about your new cable TV Show on Time Warner Cable, In the Now, how did that come about?

RN: I'm really excited about my cable show! My band actually appeared on my friend's show on the station (The Billy Mo Show). After the show I asked Tony Cantillo, who runs the studio and in charge of all the taping, if we could meet and talk about some ideas I have for a cable show. I wrote up a show treatment and we had a meeting a few days later. Tony liked my treatment and we were off. I did have to take a course at the studio first to learn about how a cable studio works that was very educational. Then we started working on the show in the summer. It got a little side tracked for a bit when the station was taken over by Time Warner. But, I was recently told we’re on again. The show is going to be a Music/Action Sports Show. I will have guests and a monthly guitar instructional segment called PSYKO GUITAR. This will teach players how to shred with exercises I have come up with. It really has been a learning experience seeing how cable shows are made. The whole editing bay thing is just nuts. On that note, everyone at the station has been really cool to me especially Tony Cantillo, who has been a great help. The show was supposed to start running in the fall but with a few delays, we're now shooting for early 2007. It will definitely be worth the wait. We have already shot some great stuff and have some great guests planned. It will air on Time Warner Cable in Bellflower and in surrounding cities. Check my website for more details. I am definitely cable ready!!

You have plans to go overseas and play in Iraq. What an amazing feeling that will be! When will you be doing that?

RN: Yes, we are talking with the Navy about going overseas in the spring. I am honored for the opportunity to go over to play for the troops who are fighting for our way of life. If I can make their life a little easier for a bit with my music then I am all about it. I cannot wait.

Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your musical journey to date.

RN: High points: The top would have to be winning the award for Best Male Guitarist at the All Access Magazine Music Awards Show. Another, all the press I have recently been getting. I am starting to finally get a name for myself in the industry. I am definitely getting recognized way more these days. Another would be traveling all over and the great opportunities that I get all because I play guitar!

Low Points: Well, there are always people who are all of a sudden your "best friend" just because they saw you in a magazine or something. I recently went to a high school reunion and people who would not give me the time a day when I was in high school back in the day, were now trying to be my buddy. I am so not into that. There is also the thing where people try to take advantage of you. And the dark side of so called "fame" with let's just say over zealous people..

Who is in the Ronny North band now and how did you go about auditioning them?

RN: My band is drummer/ great guy, Nick Horn, who is the best drummer I have ever had in my project. I met him from an ad I ran looking for a drummer. He came in and just blew us a way immediately and I hired him after the first song. We played our first show a week later. As for a bass player we've currently auditioning bassists. We are looking for someone who can play and get along with everyone. They also have to have the drive to make it! Oh yeah, I am the guitar player in my 3-piece instrumental project, in case you haven't figured it out.

You currently use MINARIK GUITARS as your main choice of weapons. Why them? why not say Jackson or Fender, or another brand? what makes Minarik so great?

RN: I have been a Minarik endorser for a few years now. I met them at the Santa Monica Guitar Show. One of my friends was playing at their booth and took me over to meet the Minariks and to try out their guitars. I thought the guitars played and sounded great but at that time the models they had weren't what I was into. The body styles were a little crazy for me. A year later, Bill Minarik approached me at the LA Guitar show. He introduced me to their new Diablo model guitars. Then a few days later, I got the guitar in the mail and it was just great right out of the box. A bound mahogany body, 22 frets, a Original Floyd Rose and Duncan pickups. It is a great looking guitar. Just recently at Summer NAMM, we put my Minarik Diablo against a friends $3,000.00 custom guitar and mine blew it away. My guitar sells for under a $1,000.00! Great stuff!! People are always amazed that my guitar is stock. As for Jacksons and Fenders... everyone plays them and truth be told, I own a few of them as well. Great stuff, but I like to be different and it's hard to beat the Minarik Guitar. That being said I'm a proud endorser and it's been a blast working with Bill and Mark Minarik. I've also been fortunate to be featured in some of the Minarik ads that have run in a few of the Guitar Magazines. My Diablo has become like my trademark and I regularly get asked about the guitar. You would be surprised how many times people have asked to get a picture with the guitar. Recently the Minarik guys gave me one of the brand new Lotus models. It has a very cool flame top, Duncan pickups and Grover tuning pegs. It's a great guitar and I have been using the guitar almost exclusively for the recording of my new CD Disconnected that I'm currently working on. Definitely check out the Minarik guitars if you get a chance.

How did the Yngwie gigs come about and how was that?

RN: We were offered to play with Yngwie by the venue and it was quite the adventure. I'm a major Yngwie fan so I jumped at the opportunity. It was great to play to a sold out crowd and we definitely held our own and tore it up! Let's just say Yngwie definitely didn't make it easy on us in any way. If you ever heard any of the Yngwie stories, you'll know what I mean. On that note, we have played with tons of national acts that were nice to the opening bands.

Any other upcoming Ronny news that you’d like to share with us... NAMM, etc.?

RN: I am scheduled to perform everyday at NAMM 2007 in Anaheim for several of my endorsers. I'll also be playing at the Mills Acoustics NAMM showcase. I believe I'm headlining. I'm also going to perform in both Russia and Taiwan in the spring of 2007 as well as playing for the troops. AMT Electronics will be coming out with a Ronny North PSYKO DRIVE Distortion/Overdrive Pedal in January of 2007 and WB Guitar Pickups will be coming out with a signature Ronny North set of guitar pickups. They will have Black and Purple bobbins. I'm very excited about both products and it's a dream come true to have signature products. I'd also like to thank my crew: my girlfriend and photographer Arlene Ferrar, my assistant Karen for everything she does, my manager Annie Miller from Big Z Entertainment. (As soon as she came on board, stuff-started happening!!) This is Team North. My endorsers and of course, my band! Thank you to all my fans. You are so important and the reason I can do what I do. I appreciate all your support.

I've had the chance to meet my fans from all over America this year and everyone has been nothing short of great. Most importantly I want to thank Debra Stocker from All Access Magazine for all her support through out the years. It was great to win at the 2006 All Access Magazine Music Awards Show. See you next year! Visit me at RONNYNORTH.COM and myspace.com/RONNYNORTH

Story and Interview by Valerie Nerres

IndieGuitarists.com October 2006


1. You had your own cable show called "In the Now with Ronny North". Describe the experience. What was the format of the show? Guests? Live performances?

As for my cable show, right before we were going to start production the cable company was purchased by Time Warner. This put us a little behind. We have a bunch of stuff already but we haven't finished any shows yet. I'm told my shows will air but because I've been so busy, we're looking to start airing in early 2007. My show "In the Now with Ronny North" will be an action/music show. It will have both Music and Action Sports guests and there will be occasional musical performances. I will also be doing a segment called PSYKO GUITAR to give lessons on how to shred. I'm very excited about the show and hopefully it will do well once it starts airing next year. It's really been fun working with everyone at the cable station getting my show together and I have learned so much about how cable and TV shows are made.

2. Describe the feel of your latest CD Going Psyko.

My current CD GOING PSYKO was released in January 2006. It has done really well and has received a ton of airplay and exposure. It was also written up in a bunch of guitar magazines. The CD was recorded entirely in my home studio. I produced and engineered it myself. It was mixed by Jim Deccinco at Pyram Axis Sound. I think the CD represents a good mixture of what I'm about in my playing. Some poppy stuff, some heavy stuff, and some acoustic stuff. I think it came out great. The CD cover and all the art work was created by my assistant Karen Barrezueta. I think it looks awesome. You can purchase the CD on my website www.ronnynorth.com.

3. Explain the creative process of your new CD from the initial inspiration to the recording of the CD.

I'm currently working on a brand new EP called DISCONNECTED. It consists of some very heavy material that I had that just didn't fit on my regular CD's. All the guitars are down tuned on all the songs. I felt it would be better to put all the songs on one EP where it would be a more cohesive package. Basically, when I'm writing for a new CD, I demo all the songs by myself in my studio, do a rough mix and make CD's for my band. I then have my band learn the songs off my demos. They add their spin to the songs and we record them in my studio. When recording, I track the drums first, which is a breeze with my drummer Nick Horn. Sometimes Nick plays along to the demo with the drum machine and sometimes we play all together with both the guitar and bass running direct and everyone listening with headphones. We do record everything but the bass and guitars are just used as guide tracks for when we start doing overdubs. My main concern is to get a great drum sound. Once we dial in the drum sounds, he's done in nothing flat. Most of the time he'll nail it on the first take and we just do a couple of other takes because we feel guilty that we finished so quickly. After the drums are down, I have my bassist put down his tracks. Then I do all my guitar tracks by myself. I hate to have people around when I'm doing my thing so I can concentrate on my playing and getting a great sound and trying out various pedals, amps, guitars and effects. After I do my guitars, I make some rough mixes and listen to all the songs in my car for a couple days. If everything is good, I then take the tapes to my friend Jim at Pyram Axis Studios for mixing and mastering. We mix in Pro Tools. What Jim does is he works on the songs for a couple days and dials everything in. After that I come in and we tweak everything the way I want the songs to sound. Usually Jim has it 99% there already and it's only something small that we fix like raising the level of the guitar solo one notch.

4. The Going Psyko CD was featured in both the February 2006 issue of Guitar Player Magazine and the Spring 2006 issue of Frets Magazine. How did this opportunity present itself? Explain.

I was just offered these opportunities and I took them. I feel very fortunate that I get the exposure that I get. I don't take it for granted.

5. Which two songs from Going Psyko are in the Top 10 on High Octane Radio in Texas?

Both the songs "Remember" and "Race with Me" made into the top 10 on High Octane Radio in Texas. This was after no promotion at all, which really surprised me. Texas is so cool and I really seem to do well there.

6. When is the official release date for your acoustic instrumental CD Acoustify?

I'm shooting to have Acoustify out before Christmas this year. I think people will be surprised to hear me acoustically. The CD will even have a song with guest vocals on it by my close friend Michelle Casilas from the band Angelspin. The song is called "Reason". It's definitely a very mellow CD.

7. When is the official release date for your DISCONNECTED EP? Describe the sound.

I am looking to have DISCONNECTED out in January of 2007. The CD is the heaviest music I have ever recorded. The songs are all very dark and are all down tuned. They were all directly inspired by some very bad that stuff that I had to deal with this year. I was definitely venting and it felt good to get it out in my music. It will be available on my website.

8. You have been a judge for Guitar Center's Guitarmageddon Guitar Competition for the last 3 years. What is Guitarmageddon? Describe how you judge a guitar player’s performance. What are the benefits of being a judge?

I have been lucky to have been invited to be a judge in Guitar Center's Guitarmageddon Guitar Competitions. Basically any up and coming guitarist can get up and do his thing playing to the Guitar Center backing tracks that they provide all the players. They have a choice of 10 songs to solo over. It really is great to see some of these players do their thing and to judge them and give them pointers if they want advice. I just feel honored to be able to participate in the event. It's always great to be able to help out up and coming players if you can.

9. MTV licensed music from your Smeared CD for their "Real World" reality TV program. How did this deal arise? Agent?

I was approached by the production company that provides the music for MTV and some other networks. They felt my music would work for some of the MTV shows. It has given me some great exposure.

10. When is your signature guitar and Distortion/Overdrive pedal coming out? What does signature mean - that you approve or actually design it?

My new signature AMT PSYKO DRIVE Pedal is a collaboration between my ideas and AMT electronics (www.amtelectronics.com). I am definitely in on the design of the pedal. I'm very excited about it and it's a great honor that AMT believes in me enough to put out my Signature Pedal. The Pedal will be switchable between overdrive/boost mode and distortion mode. It will have a real detailed EQing functions so you really can dial in your sound. I've been a proud endorser of AMT Pedals for several years now. They really do make a fine product. I actually used my AMT pedals for all the distorted guitars on my new DISCONNECTED EP. As for my signature guitar, unfortunately the company that I was working with ran out of steam and couldn't get it together. I gave them every opportunity to get everything going, but they just couldn't do it. Ultimately I was worried that the guitar with my name on it would not be up to my standards. After I terminated my relationship with the company, I was approached by a few other companies about signature models, but I'm still thinking it over. I have been working with a cool new company called Brazen Guitars (www.brazenguitars.com). I've been using a couple of their Dynasty models for my main stage guitars lately. Great stuff and the owner of the company Steve Tsai is such a great guy. It really has been fun working with him. The quality of the guitars is great and best of all they are really affordable. The guitars I use have mahogany bodies with maple tops. The necks feel like a 60's Les Paul. The guitars are very Les Paul-like in tone but are much more playable... I also use Minarik guitars as well (www.minarikguiatrs.com).

11. You regularly open up for national acts. Name a few shows and explain the highlights.

I do open up for a lot of national acts. It really is a great thing because the shows are usually sold out and I get to go out and just do my 1/2 an hour set. There are several limitations and the bands and their people aren't always nice to the opening bands, but we deal with it. Just the chance to get some exposure on the shows is a great opportunity. It's also a great challenge to win the crowds over. I especially enjoy meeting everyone after we play. After our set I go out and hang at our merch booth and talk to everyone and sign stuff if they like. It's great to talk with people that just found out about you and want to know where you came from.

12. You have recently played in Iran for the troops. What was that like?

We are going to be playing in Iraq, but they're still getting everything together and so it looks like we will be going early next year. It's so great to be able to play for our troops that are out there defending our way of life. If I can bring them just a little bit of joy, it will be all worth it.

13. How do you get a fat rhythm guitar sound when you record?

When I track rhythm guitars, I usually just use a Shure SM-57 and find the best sounding speaker on one of my various 4x12 cabinets. I usually put the mic a couple of inches away from the speaker with the grill cloth removed from the cabinet. Sometimes I put it directly in front of the cone and other times I'll put it about 2'oclock on the speaker. On that note I just got this new speaker cabinet from Mills Acoustic (www.millsacoustics.com) called the Afterburner 412B. It's a 4x12 cab and it sounds amazing. It's loaded with Celestion speakers. For some reason the cabinet just sounds better than all my other cabinets. I've just recently became an official Mills endorser and couldn't be happier. I record at very loud volumes. Currently I'm using a Carvin V-3 100-watt tube head. I put the cabinet in our guest bathroom on the other side of the house and I stay in the control room with the amp and play my parts to the monitors. You be surprised how much difference just moving the mic a hair will make to your guitar sound when you're recording. The mic is run through an Aphex Tube Essence Mic Pre into an Alesis Black Face Adat. I usually double my rhythm guitars with two different guitars and sometimes two different amps. Another trick I do when you want super heavy guitar tracks is do two tracks where I split the signal with a Morley ABY box into and amp and run a separate direct signal simultaneously into two different tracks. For the direct signal, sometimes I use a Marshall JMP-1 preamp that has speaker emulated outs and sometimes I use a Groovetubes Speaker Emulator. This plugs into my amp just like a speaker cabinet would. I have been doing more and more recordings using the emulator. You really can make it sound like speakers with way more control. Last but not least, sometimes I use an Axetrak unit (www.axetrak.com). This is a small box that has a 6" speaker in it. It has plugs into your amp like a speaker cabinet and has a built-in microphone that you plug into your board or as I do, into the mic pre. I had Jeff the owner of Axetrak tweak mine and this thing rules and I have been using it forever. It really does sound like a great Marshall cabinet and is my secret weapon. When I combine the signals, I'll take two passes. On pass one I'll use say the Carvin V-3 plugged into a 4x12 cabinet on one track and one plugged into the Groove tube speaker emulator. On the second pass I'll run the Carvin into a 4x12 cabinet and into the Axetrak. That gives you 4 tracks of guitars. You have the 2 tracks of speaker cabinets that give you the air and then you have the various direct signals to give you the bite. This really does fill out the frequencies. When you're mixing you can really taylor the sound how you want it. It never hurts to have options.

14. How do you mic up drums?

For drums I keep it very simple. I use 4 mics. I use a Shure B-52 on the bass drum plugged into this little connector plug thing my friend gave me from Shure. It was made in the 60's and is basically an attenuator that is basically a pad so you can get a good clean recording. I use a Shure 57' mic on top of the snare and two Octava mics for the overheads. The over heads are run into my Aphex Mic preamp and the others go into a Presonus Blue Tube mic pre amp and to tape. I try to use as little EQ as possible. I'll position the overheads while my drummer is playing to get the best blend.

15. Prior to playing a venue, regardless of size, are there safety checks that you usually pay attention to?

When we have a say in the shows and are headlining, I usually take a walk around the venue and see where all the exits are and check out the stage and dressing rooms to make sure everything is cool.

16. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

After just doing the Arlington Guitar Show in Texas on Oct 21-22nd, I am done doing trade shows for 2006. I am now going to get to work on finishing up my new CDs and start gearing up for Winter NAMM in January. I will also be doing a few shows in So Cal to finish up the year. I will have an guitar instructional DVD coming out called PSYKO GUITAR. It will be out in time for Christmas 2006 and will be available online @ www.hothousestudios.com. I'm very excited about it...

17. Do you own your own record label and publishing company?

My publishing company is called Terror Kitty Music and my record label is called Nothing But North Records. I created all this solely to get my music out there. So far it's working.

18. When did you begin to write, record and publish your own music?

I have basically always wrote music but never really got credit for it until I went solo. I now have control of everything. I decided to stop waiting around for the record companies and to just do it myself. It's really funny because sometimes when I do get approached by record companies, they're all well we can do this and this for you. Then I come back with well I'm already doing all that and getting a bigger piece of the profits. The only benefit to being signed to a label at this point would be tour support and distribution. When the right offer comes along I will take it, but until then I'm doing all right.

19. Have you ever needed legal council regarding your music? If so, which entertainment lawyers have you been happy dealing with?

I have consulted with a few legal friends a couple times for some situations with my music and luckily we were able to work it out without me having to go any further.

20. Has anyone in your circle ever recommended an entertainment lawyer to you? If so, who was recommended?

To this date I've never really had to get a lawyer but I have got some legal advice on a few occasions. On that note, I do believe in having an Entertainment Lawyer and I will be looking into getting one soon. On that note, my bassist is a lawyer. How cool is that????

21. Who are the current members in your band?

My current band is Nick Horn on Drums and Jorg Schroeder on Bass. This is definitely the best band I've ever had.

22. Are you affiliated with any music associations or unions?

I am affiliated with BMI. So far so good!

I'd also like to say that I couldn't do it without my crew: my girlfriend, Arlene, who takes all my pictures and gives me her support; my assistant, Karen Barrezueta, for handling a lot of my business stuff and taking care of my website as well as creating all my flyers, posters, and promo material; my manager, Annie Miller, for making it happen; and last, but not least, my great band Nick Horn on drums and Jorg Schroeder on Bass. They really do rock. I'm out front but it really is a team effort... I call it Team North!

Ronny is also mentioned in the April 2004 issue of Rock City News in the Metalshop column.

Metalshop #60

By Revn Kevin

I go to a lot of shows and events and I am still amazed at how many bands have no promotional or biographical info with them. I always ask if they have anything and if they don't then I give them my contact info so they can forward me some. Probably nine out of ten times the band never contacts me so I have nothing to say about them. If your band is in this situation then take to time to make some business cards and a short bio. Usually when I go to check out a band I will watch a couple of the others and include them in the review so having some info on hand is to your bands benefit.

Someone who doesn't have any problem promoting himself is Ronny North. I am on his e-mail list and I can see that he plays some great shows all over SoCal. I caught up to him at the N.A.M.M. Show were he loaded me down with a press kit which included a 3-song demo of a new instrumental project he is working on. Ronny has been tearing it up for quite awhile now and has received extensive airplay, sold CDs in the US, Japan and Europe, and recently MTV licensed his music for their Real World TV Show. Along the way Ronny has accumulated quite a long list of sponsors including Italia Guitars, Ashdown Amplifiers, Morley Pedals, Groove Tubes, DR Strings and more. It is his high skill level that gets him recruited to play clinics and trade events for these same sponsors. The songs on the sampler CD are all quite different from each other and all are done well. Track one "Remember" is a happy tune with a few interesting time changes and nice solos reminiscent of Satch. Track two really caught my ear, as I haven't heard any classical style acoustic in quite awhile. Very intricate fingerpicking that was burning up the fretboard on this one. The last track, "Dawn of Hope", is a little mellower song done with a lot of feel. It kind of makes you feel like you're at the beach, or at least want to head there. Ronny works hard at his craft, which is starting to pay dividends with the increased attention by the music industry in general. I'm sure that we'll all be hearing from Ronny North in the future. To find out more on what's going on in the North then log on the www.ronnynorth.com.

Ronny did an interview for www.indieguitarists.com. Below is that interview:

1. Describe the early years of your musical roots and how your talent was nutured.

I actually started playing piano at age 6 and took lessons for a while but found it very boring. A few years later, my father made my brother and myself take guitar lessons when I was 10 and my brother was 6. I really wasn't into it because skateboarding, playing football and baseball seemed to be much more fun at the time. Plus the teacher was a guy from across the street that really didn't know what was going on. When I was 13 I received a KISS Record (Destroyer) for Christmas. I actually got my first good guitar (a Les Paul copy) for my 14th birthday a few months later. My mother got me a cheap guitar at first to see if it was something that I would stick with. Well the guitar never left my hands.

2. Where there any events, people or catalyst(s) that were influencial?

Seeing KISS live in 1977 at the Forum on their Love Gun Tour was definitely an eye opening experience. I also watched lots of music on TV and we always had music playing in our house. As far as guitar players that I'm into I started out wanting to play guitar because of Ace Frehley then Van Halen 1 came out and I've been into Eddie ever since. I really like Warren Demartini for his feel and choice of notes. I'm very lucky that I actually know him so I've seen him play more than anyone and I'm always very blown away by his playing at every one of his shows. I also like George Lynch a lot. I recently played an industry event for Seymour Duncan and I went on after George played. As I was waiting to go on I was standing on his side of the stage so I got to see George's technique up close and it was really inspiring. His command of the instrument is something to see. He really does have his own sound . All the great players have an identifiable sound. I'm also a major fan of Satch, Vai, Nuno and Mr. Malmsteen and I always listen to everything. Lately I've really been into techo/trans music. I'm very into today's current pop music.

3. What does your live set up consist of?

Currently my live rig is an older Randall RGT Tube 100 watt head. The head has been heavily modified by amp guru and good friend Mark Cameron at Cameron Electronics. Mark completely reworked the EQ section and added a depth control for added low end. He's tweaked all my tube amps. Basically live I use whatever 100 watt tube head is behaving that week (usually a Randall or Laney tube head) into either one or two 4x12 cabinets with Celestion 65 watt speakers wired at 4 ohms (for added low end). I also use an Atomic combo amp that is pretty cool for smaller shows. My pedal board is by Black Kross and is loaded with a Morley Bad Horsie Wah and a MXR Phase 90. There is also a switch for the channel switching on my amp and a switch for my rack. In my rack I have an old Rockman Stereo Chorus and a Zoom Choir Pedal for a little echo. It's all powered by a Furman power conditioner. All cables are Zoalla. As for guitars I use Tipton and Italia guitars. My current main guitar is a white Tipton Custom. It's made of mahogany, has a maple neck, Seymour Duncan pickups and an original Floyd Rose trem. I've been endorsing Tipton guitars for the last year and couldn't be happier with them.

4. When is the official release date for your upcoming CD Forever Young?

We're now planning on releaseing the Forever Young CD in June 2005. We're running a little behind in the release date because I've been so busy and becuase we're really taking our time making sure the art work looks like it did in the 80's when it was originally released.

5. Why did you decide to rerelease Forever Young and how is the new release different from the previous release?

Over the years people have always asked me where they can get the Forever Young CD. Well as luck would have it I ran into Paul Gold (singer & co-founder of FY) at the 2005 NAMM show in Anaheim. Well we got to talking about the FY CD and decided it would be fun to rerelease it. Well Paul had the CD masters and had everything ready to go so it made everything much easier for us. All we had to do was to recreate the art work like the original. The CD is definitely from the 80's and it sounds like it in a good way.

6. Is a tour planned sometime soon and if so who will you be playing with?

This year we are planning on playing everywhere. I was even offered some stuff in Europe so we need to look over the offer to see if that is feasible. I do sell a lot of CD's and get press over there so it could be a good thing. I'd also like to get to Japan since I get airplay and sell CD's there as well. I will be doing some acoustic shows and of course I'll be doing some rocking shows on my Psycho Barbie Tour.

7. Where did you record Forever Young, what recording equipment did you use and how were you involved?

The Forever Young CD was actually recorded at Jeff Pilson's studio. Jeff produced the CD so it was a no brainer to use his studio. You have to remember the CD was originally recorded in 1990. Paul had the tracks remastered a while back. The CD was recorded on two Akai digital 12 track machines that Jeff was using at the time. The tracks were mixed by Jeff and his bassist Tommy Erikson. On a related note, all the songs were written by Paul and myself. On the guitar front, I recorded all the FY tracks with either a Washburn G-5V or a 70’s Les Paul. I also used one of Jeff's Alvarez acoustics for the acoustic stuff on the CD. For amps, its all the Randall RGT-100 tube head that I still use to this day. I ran it through one of my Laney 4x12 cabs with Celestion 65 watt speakers.
These days I have my own small studio in my home and have made all my CD’s there for the last ten years. I use Alesis Adats for my recording format. I have a ton of outboard gear and even more guitar gear. I'm really into the recording process and I engineer everything myself. I usually do rough mixes myself and send out the stuff to be mixed and mastered to a couple people that I trust. I let them do their thing then I come in and listen and we tweak few things to my taste.

8. How did you become endorsed by so many companies?

As for my endorsements I basically just went after all the companies that made the gear that I used. Even though I was getting some free gear back when I was in FY, I actually got my first official endorsements in 1996 at the Anaheim NAMM show. To this day I'm still so greatful that my endorsers believe in my talent enough to give me their support. I'm always getting asked about my endorsements and to give advice on how tho get them. Well in my mind it has always made sense for an up and coming musician(s) to get endorsements to help them get going. The thing is what most people don’t realize is that it really is a lot of work to maintain your endorsements. You have a responsibility to your sponser to get out there and use thier gear in the best light possible. It's also great to keep them updated with pictures of me with the gear. I'm currently endorsed by twenty-four different companies.

9. How has philanthropy work been rewarding for you as a person & musician?

As for my philanthropy work, I really believe in helping out great causes if you're in the position to do so. As for the Special Olympics, I saw first hand what that did for my little sister Jennifer. She's been competing in the games for years and it really has made a big difference in her life. After I saw what it did for her and everyone else who participates in the games I knew I had to get involved in this great cause. Well, I talked with the people who organize the games to tell them I wanted to get involved and now I’ve done several events. On that note, I've also done several benefits for Tsunami victims and for the troops as well as a few things to help out artists in need. I feel very fortunate that I have the talent to play guitar and I'm able to use it to help others. Definitely a great thing! It really is all about Karma.

10. What are your musical ambitions?

My musical ambitions are to be known and respected by my peers and in the industry. If I sell a few records along the way all the better!

11. Do you play any other musical instruments and if so for how long?

I started playing piano when I was five years old. On the demos I do for the band I play all the instruments and use a drum machine for all the drums.

12. Will you be performing at any outdoor musical festivals this summer?

We will be performing some big shows this year and I will be traveling internationally to play some stuff for Tipton Guitars. We will be doing the Special Olympics in June and we'll also be doing some other big stuff as well. I'm planning on really getting us out there in 2005.
In closing I'd like to thank all my fans who have given me support all these years. They definitely keep me going! I'd also like to add that I couldn't do my thing without my crew. Without them I couldn't be me. My girlfriend is responsible for taking care of me. Next we have my assistant Karen who definitely makes my life so much easier by handling all my web site stuff and designs all my flyers and CD artwork. Last, but definitely not least, my band: drummer, Jason Lee, and bassist Mike Nunez. They have been the best guys I've played with so far and they're fun to hang out with as well. My name is out front, but it's definitely a team effort. You're only as strong as the people you work with.

For more info on Ronny North visit www.ronnynorth.com or see the male rock category in the database.

In March 2005, Ronny did an interview for www.tormentedvhfans.com. Below is that interview:

I'd like to introduce you guys to a great LA area guitar player named Ronny North. Ronny does gigs all over the Southland, and has recently done numerous charity events including Special Olympics, Concert For Unity (Surfrider Foundation), and two Red Cross shows for tsunami relief. He has another Red Cross show coming up in April. Visit his website, www.ronnynorth.com, for details on upcoming shows.

Where were you born/raised?

I was born in Downey California at Downey Community Hospital. (It's now a Condo Complex!) I grew up in Norwalk and graduated from Norwalk High School.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Biggest pet peeve? Neurotic Lead Singers, Stupid People and Posers (Aren't they one in the same??)

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 CD's would you bring with you?

I'd say RATT "Greatest Hits", Marvelous 3 "Hey Album", Kate Bush "Greatest Hits", Steve Vai "Passion and Warfare", Anything from The Chemical Brothers!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I have spare time which is rare these days, I like to Torch Guitars with a blow torch, Skateboard, Surf and Golf. When I grow up I want to be a PGA Pro!!!

What's the cr - Wait a minute...guitars....blow torch? What???

I've always been fascinated at how some things look very cool after they've been burned by fire. I also saw how Jimi Hendrix's Strat looked after he burned it at the Monterey Pop festival and I also liked the way Steve Vai's burned Jem 7 string looked. (There was an article on it in Guitar World Magazine in the late 80's.) I also read recently that Reeves Gabriels also burns all his gear. Anyway, once I decided I was going burn a guitar I started looking around for a new guitar to try it out on. I soon found a very cool mint 86' Kramer Pacer in the Recycler and I purchased it from a guy in Whittier. (I got a great deal on it!) On the way home, I stopped by Home Depot and bought a blow torch. Well, as soon as I arrived home, I disassembled the guitar in nothing flat. (I actually have pictures around here somewhere of me burning the Kramer!) Anyway, I found out a few things about burning guitars my first time around. First off, it looks best if the guitar is a light-colored. (The Kramer was white!) The paint on some guitars is very, very flammable and can be quite dangerous if the guitar is near anything that can catch on fire while you're doing the burning thing. (I do it on my driveway after we move all the cars!) When I started to burn the Kramer, I noticed that if you got the paint hot enough that the paint would start popping like popcorn! After I burned it to my taste, I put a couple of coats of clear lacquer on it. (I bought a can of it when I bought the torch!) It was just the kind in the spray can. Well, the experiment was a total success and the guitar looked very cool once I reassembled it. I used the guitar for years as my main live guitar in NORTH. Everybody that saw it was very fascinated with its look. Even my friend Warren DeMartini thought it looked cool when he saw it while we were opening for RATT. Well, after that I decided to hone my technique and have burned several other of my guitars ever since including a brand new Tipton guitar that is currently being built for me. The new Tipton is the best burn job I've done to date. Over the years I've got my technique and now put sparkles and write stuff on the bodies with a nail. I also burned a new guitar that Carlson Guitars built for me that I'm currently waiting for delivery on. (On a related note, the guitar was recently finished by the Carlson guys and was going to be delivered to me until the guitarist from Great White saw it when he went to the factory to pick up a guitar that they made for him for their March 2005 tour of Canada! Well, once he saw my guitar he fell in love with the way it looked and sounded and talked the Carlson guys into letting him use the guitar as a back up for his guitar for the tour until they could make him one more guitar!) Bill Tipton from Tipton guitars has mentioned that we might make a signature line of Ronny North Tipton guitars that I would personally burn and sign. It all comes down to that I just wanted something that looked a little different. Another benefit is that you no longer have to polish the guitar and the more it gets dinged up (from my sedate laid back style!) the cooler it looks!!!! Here is a picture of the new burned Tipton Guitar. These pictures were taken in the morning a couple hours before my near fatal car accident on Jan 8th!! When we were in the accident, we were on the way to Michael's (craft store) to get some more sparkles for the guitar before I sent it off to Tipton so they could put it together for me!!

Would you like to talk about the accident?

On Jan 8th, what happened was a 75 year old lady came across the yellow line into on-coming traffic floored it and tagged us head on!! Well she hit us so hard that we actually spun around 3 times. The police said that they estimate that we hit at a combined speed of 75 mph! Well my Montero was totaled and my girlfriend and I got messed up and have been seeing a doctor 3 times a week ever since. I just recently got a new car last week and we're still a long way from getting the case settled!! I guess it's great that we were able to walk away. (The old Lady had to be cut out of her car by the Fire Dept!) It takes a lot more than a Kamakazi crazy old lady in a Saturn to stop me!!

So, you wanna be a PGA Pro, huh? Do you do much golfing?

I do try to play golf as much as possible. I have recently started to go to the driving range again to get my golf chops back. (My back injury from the accident has made it difficult to swing a golf club but I'm getting back into it slowly!) I really do love the game and have actually been playing golf longer than I have been playing guitar. I used to be very good when I was a kid and did quite well in tournaments. (My friends and I would regularly ditch High School to play golf!) I used to worship Jack Nicklaus and wanted to be a pro golfer in the worst way. I can definitely hold my own and usually win. I would like to start playing in tournaments again sometime soon but to be great in golf it takes a lot of practice and time is not something that I have a lot of these days. I do play with my Dad on holidays and I also manage to play with a few friends. (We have a golf group!) We play every now and then when our busy schedules allow. We have a great time and talk about all the latest industry gossip. (Most of them are in the music industry from various major music companies!) I also play in the two tournaments a year that my Mom's bar sponsors (So far I haven't done well in any of them!) and I do go to the driving range when I get a chance just to stay in my groove. My friend Mark is a PGA pro so he gives me pointers from time to time. I use Taylor Made everything. My gear is all pro stuff all I need to do is start playing like a pro. On a related note, I've beat a lot of big rock stars on the course!! On that note, I was approached by MTV to do a rock and golf pilot. They want to do a show where the host would play a round of golf with whatever Rock star they had on the show and they would interview them during the round while they were playing. I was going to be the stand in Rock star for the pilot so they could interview me and ask me about my musical stuff. They're even talking about possibly having a little jam at the end of each episode! Truly a great game!!

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Crazy stuff? I'd say that going to traffic school was pretty crazy as are any family functions (The Holidays!). My girlfriend and I went to her friend's wedding a few years ago and this 40 something year old fat cowboy married a 25 year old skinny cute girl. The Groom sang during the ceremony (He couldn't sing!!) After they were married they went on their honeymoon with her parents and then moved in with them! Is that crazy or scary?

Probably a little of both. What would people be most surprised to know about you?

People would probably be surprised that I'm actually a very private person when I'm not doing the band thing. Another thing that might surprise people is that I always listen to current pop, rap and dance music. I also really like the current Spanish rock stuff!

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a kid I really wanted to be a pilot for some reason. I had tons of toy planes. As you can see I definitely chose a different career!

What was the first concert you ever attended? How old were you?

The first concert I went to was KISS at the LA Forum during the Love Gun Tour. I was 13. Cheap Trick was the opening band. The Alive II record was actually recorded during the LA shows on that tour. My Dad took the whole family to the show. It was very cool!!! I also managed to see Van Halen at the Golden West Ball Room in Norwalk and Randy Rhodes with Quiet Riot at the Starwood. On a related note, I had just started playing guitar earlier that year!!

Do you play any other instruments? Have you in the past?

I actually started out playing piano at age 6 but quickly got bored and eventually got thrown out of music school because I beat up a stupid kid. (He was asking for it!) These days I can play piano and bass as well as guitar. I'd also like to mention that my parents were a big part of why I play today. My Dad actually got my brother and I to take guitar lessons when we were very young. Well, I really didn't take to it, since at that point I was really into sports. Both my parents were very supportive. My dad would actually take my brother and I to gigs since both of us were years away from being able to drive. (My brother is a drummer so we grew up playing together!) He also let us jam in the garage with our various bands. This is really where I got my chops together. On the gear side of things, my Mother really backed us as well once she saw we were serious about playing. She bought my brother a drum set and got me my first guitar and a cool half stack once I started getting better. Having our parents behind us definitely helped. My guitar influences when I was starting out were Ace Frehley and then Eddie Van Halen after Van Halen 1 came out. Eddie's playing was a major influence on my playing and still is to this day. His playing on the Roth era VH records is amazing!! I was also into Joe Perry (He looked so cool!), Michael Schenker, Alex Lifeson and Neil Giraldo. When we were young, we used to play UFO and RUSH songs at Back yard parties.

Were you a lot of bands before you started your own instrumental group?

When I was young I was in all kinds of little bands with my brother on drums. We did the whole back yard party thing which was a lot of fun and even managed to play some clubs around OC. I played Gazzari’s on the Sunset Strip when I was 14. It was my first time doing the Hollywood thing and meeting Bill Gazzari was definitely an adventure. After that I was in a few Hollywood bands such as Jade, Kidd Comet and Forever Young. My band NORTH was actually getting airplay all around the world before I put the project on hold to do my instrumental thing. I also managed to do a couple of high profile auditions over the years as well. In the end I decided I was much better off doing my own thing my own way.

So you’ve been around Hollywood for quite a while...Any funny celebrity encounters you can tell us about?

Celebrity encounters? My girlfriend and I have a bunch since we often go to industry functions. There are a couple that come to mind…one is Bringing in the new millennium at a private party that Poison was playing at. I toasted in the New Year with my friend Robbie Crane from RATT. It was also cool to hang with my buddy Rikki Rocket. Everyone was at the party!! Then there was meeting the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer backstage at Marilyn Manson. On that note, I was actually invited to go outside and hangout by one of the female cast members!! I passed…. Another memorable moment would be when I was meeting some friends for dinner at the Rainbow and our booth was between Vince Neil and his harem of blondes on one side and Kelly Osbourne and her Friends on the other. Well Vince was very cool and would chat with us between him playing with his chicks. On the other hand, Kelly just yelled at the restaurant staff the entire time complaining about everything and basically just making a big scene in front of everyone (Great Girl!!)

What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened at one of your gigs?

Weird stuff on stage? We've had a few over zealous fans and the usual flying girl's undergarments but nothing out of the ordinary!!!

So, is the rock & roll lifestyle all it’s cracked up to be?

The Rock and Roll lifestyle is definitely what you make of it. When I was younger it was all about doing shows and ruling the Sunset Strip and living the lifestyle. (Girls, girls, more girls and parties until dawn 24/7!) Now days it's about going out and tearing it up on stage and having fun. I also really enjoy meeting all the fans as well. These days I rarely drink and I really don't go out if we're not playing. When I do go out it's usually to see one of my friends play. These days I'm much more business minded. Boy, times have changed!!!

Do you have a general philosophy on life?

I feel that in Life you really have to go for it since it only comes around once!!!

Talk about your new CDs…

In 2005, I will be putting out 3 new CD's In April. I'll be releasing Acoustify. It's my first acoustic instrumental CD. In May I'll be releasing Saturn Suicide Live. It's a live EP with songs from both my current and upcoming CD's. Last, but not least, I will be putting out the long awaited follow-up to Smeared. The CD is called Psycho Barbie. The first single "Benihana Breakdown" will be released in April.

What's in the future for the Ronny North Band?

The future for my band is that I will keep doing it until it's not fun anymore!!!

Anything else you'd like to mention that I haven't asked about?

I'd like to close by saying that I couldn't do anything without my crew. First, and foremost, I'd like to thank my girlfriend. She definitely keeps me going. I'd also like to thank my assistant Karen who takes care of all my business stuff and definitely makes my life a lot easier!! Last, but not least, I'd like to thank Tim Mahoney my Production Manager. He keeps all my gear going and makes sure I have everything I need when I'm playing. He's also a great friend and he puts up with me. (Not easy by a long shot!!!) I'd also like to mention my drummer and close friend Jason Lee who has stuck with me through thick and thin!!! I'd also like to thank all of my sponsors for all their support and for believing in me!!

Music Connection, July 28, 2005

A review of Ronny's show at the Special Olympics is in the July 28th, 2005 issue of Music Connection.

Ronny North

Expo Park - CSULB
(Special Olympics)
Long Beach

Contact: Hotline, 562-214-5075; ronnynorth@ronnynorth.com

Web: www.ronnynorth.com

The Players: Ronny North, lead guitar; Jason Lee, drums; Mike Nunez, bass.

Material: With his open shirt, dog tags, frequent poses with his head held back and total emphasis on the music, Ronny North is a throwback to the big hair metal bands of the Eighties. His image is completed with a black wardrobe with studs and zippers. North’s “Dawn of Hope” has been heard on MTV’s Real World.

Photo by: Bernaud Baur

Musicianship: North’s impressive axe handling includes his expertise in the use of effects. In fact, the bass and drums serve as a platform to launch his guitar skills. North uses a variety of guitars to capture the essence of rock and metal without the annoying lyrics that can never be heard over the loud music anyway. His guitar riffs compare with those of Ox Fox of Stryper and Harold Faltermeyer of “Top Gun” fame.

Performance: North was the perfect choice to wake up this special event –– he was full of energy, running around the stage, and assuming all the classic rock guitarist poses; and his music was played very loud. Besides the compulsory rock ballad, North tried his hand at some blues, which, although technically good, lacked the soul and passion of a professional blues musician.

Without a set list, North's show was done with "seat of the pants" style. Under the circumstances this did not present a problem, but will need to be tightened eventually. After performing “Dawn of Hope” North closed the set in classic metal style with a hard rocker complete with all the things one loves about metal music –– fret playing, driving drums and bass, and lots of hair.

Summary: Although North’s music speaks for itself, he felt compelled to comment on it. Despite his skills on the guitar, North is no public speaker. His repetitious use of the phrase "There you go" was the perfect example. His music is a winner -- he just needs to perfect the stage show to be a real contender.

—Bob Leggett

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